Episode 93

The Power of Presence: Learn to Master Your Inner Energy with Jennifer Lyall

The Power of Presence: Learn to Master Your Inner Energy with Jennifer Lyall

In this episode we get curious about:

  • Jennifer Lyall's Bio and Background
  • Concept of the "Inner Battery Check"
  • Importance of Energy and Intuition in Entrepreneurship
  • The Impact of Personal Connection in Professional Growth
  • Techniques for Maintaining High Energy and Positive Mindset
  • Challenges and Solutions in Personal Transformation
  • Practical Tips for Self-Awareness and Restoration

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Interview Episode with Jennifer Lyall

Jennifer: [:

How am I feeling right now? Am I okay with how I'm feeling? Is that how I want to show up to the conversation I'm going to have, the email I'm going to write, the whatever it is that I'm going to do? Is that how I want to show up and be present? And if not, how do I bring myself back into a thriving zone?

How do I restore myself? And it's going to be a little different each day,

m bringing in Jennifer Lyle, [:

Jennifer, I don't have enough good things to say about Jennifer. But you'll get to know her in this conversation. And and I think you'll, you'll feel the energy that she brings to everything she does is so lovely and uplifting and affirming. So let me just read your, I'm going to read her bio to you.

Cause you know, that's what I do. And then we'll dive into our conversation with Jennifer. So Jennifer Lyle helps visionary entrepreneurs create a strategy and trust in themselves to bring their million dollar ideas to life. Scaling their business, doing what they love. She helps you master your energy and intuition to confidently make bold decisions and become the leader.

ery. I love that a legacy of [:

Jennifer: Thank you. And I just want to reflect who you are to me. I could for a moment.

Laurin: Absolutely.

Jennifer: You are a rock star of heartfelt intention and connection. You create such magical, sacred space within this podcast, within everything that you do to help your clients, your friends, everyone who comes into your world, really become aware of their highest potential.

g seen, and so wise that you [:

Laurin: Thank you so much for that. It's always nice to get somebody's perspective of me, of yourself, because I, I think we don't always see ourselves in our best light. And so I find it really, and you're the second person today who has done that for me. So I appreciate that. I must be magnetizing myself to receive this, this perspective of myself.

That's a timely and, and Really moving to hear. So thank you for that. Very much. Very much.

Jennifer: You're most welcome.

what I need in a place I can [:

And it's usually either an Amazon email or some other email that shows up in my box where I'm don't know how I got on that list, but. Thank you.

Jennifer: I love it. I love it.

Laurin: And it's been, it's been a lovely journey with you. Cause it's all been in really in like the last 10 months or so. And through different programs. And I just want to, I want to reflect to you that you are ready to be seen program, which is this intensive three week shift things super fast. Is so powerful and, and really began me on this journey of changing who I want to be into who I really am, instead of wanting to be this other person that I thought I should be.

How powerful a coach you are [:

And and it's part of why I wanted to have you on the podcast. So I had a whole hour to talk to you. Oh,

Jennifer: you. No, I, I appreciate it. Like, to me, that ready to be seen program is a gift for me and a gift for everybody who goes through it because. It came to me at a time when I needed to be ready to be seen. It was, I first launched it in the pandemic. My business wasn't doing great and I needed to do a massive shift.

And I was in a couple of different group programs. And one of the people was, had taught us is, okay, here's, here's the, here's the thing we're teaching you, and then here's a methodology for how to market yourself and then, you know, And I had gotten this little sticky note that said, I'm ready to be seen and like gotten got the sticky note.

know, how you get the sticky [:

Is it, is it a blog post? Is it a video? Whatever it is going to be. And I've written down, I'm ready to be seen and heard. And then in this group program, everyone's like, Oh my gosh, I don't think I could do this. I can't put myself out there like this. And then I did a social post. Like, is anybody else feeling like this too?

And like all sorts of people responded. And then on a meditation, it's like, okay, you're going to do this program called ready to be seen. And you're just going to do these deep dive energy clearings to help release the top locks and hold entrepreneurs back and go right at you get this too. Right. And so I went and it was the first time that I.

x weeks I had my first group [:

Are you going to like eat the sandwich? Are you going to let it like fester and rot and get moldy off in the corner? Like so many ideas and inspirations do, but when you dive into that deliciousness right away, and it's just like, Whoa, this is fun.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. And I, I'm totally experiencing that right now because I've been watching a new and a women's circle and, and I got the idea for it out, out of part of the collective that I'm in with you, but just that, that impetus to just do it just okay. Take the leap. You know, we've talked about quantum leap in, in, you know, that your coaching programs and.

And it [:

I'm getting goosebumps as I talk about it because it was that, that divine inspiration. It was that you need to do this now. Move. Go. You know?

Jennifer: yes, we've lined things up. If you start to post and talk about it now, it's going to come. It's going to come together and just believe that it will. And that's half the battle, right?

Laurin: Yes.

Jennifer: So,

Laurin: I have to keep coming back to that one. To believe that it's going to happen. Mm

, I, for me, what I had done [:

Laurin: Yeah.

Jennifer: So, in some ways, all of that. Work and the quote unquote failure was to set things up to be easier for the next go around.

And I don't know why I just feel like that's something really important to to bring up.

nch things along the way and [:

I was just, you know, bullheading my way through it. And I'm sure that energy was being, you know, the energy of my doubts, my uncertainty, my fears of being seen of, you know, of falling on my face, not knowing what I was doing, whatever, all of those things that we get in our heads this time I'm just, I'm being, I'm paying attention to that and honoring where my energy is.

So I don't [:

Jennifer: Yes.

Laurin: you really helped me figure that out.

Jennifer: My honor, it was the game changer for me.

Laurin: Mm hmm.

Jennifer: It allowed me to grow my business to six figures and to be consistently at six figures. And now it's like, how can I grow that more in a way that is sustainable and lights me up? Not just because I have to do more, but because I want to impact more. I want to be a success.

Service more, and I just wanted to make that distinction because, you know, I have conversations with my husband. He's like, oh, you know, I get frustrated with our company because they always want more growth, more growth, more growth. And that is nature. And and sometimes it can get frustrating hearing about people who are like, oh, I met a million 7 figure and 10 figure and businesses.

t when you said bullheading, [:

Laurin: Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yeah. Cause I know I, I've been, I was brought up by a one of the feminists, you know, from the, from the sixties and she, she lived that life and she was determined I would have a career and, and all that kind of stuff. And I chose a different path along the way because of various reasons.

tually a dear friend of mine [:

And so I was really happy to go and, and she always does a little reading at the beginning and she's very, she does the chanting and meditation all as part of it. And the phrase that came up for her, for us to focus on for the day was I choose. What a game changer. I choose the life I have. I chose the route I took, but I still have that little voice inside going, but you shoulda, you shoulda, you shoulda, shoulda.

So it's really important that we hear ourselves and acknowledge that that's a voice, but it's not a voice we have to pay attention to. It's a voice we can release, heal. What would you say?

ere are a bunch of different [:

And it's about learning how to discern. Which one's actually yours? Which onedo you actually want to listen to? Which one is, like, calling you into something bigger and bolder? And that requires Going within, doing a deeper connection within, understanding yourself, understanding your body, understanding your emotions, understanding your mind, understanding your connection to whatever higher power it is that you believe in, you have to, you have to go there first.

ing attention to the outside [:

Laurin: So, I know the answer to this, but how do we do that?

Jennifer: Well, there's several things now there's the one that we're going to go to because we both really want to go there, but there's a step first that some people might not be ready to hear that. I don't know why we just, we just have another step to go through first. First, I believe that there's this desire and need for.

like immersing yourself and [:

Special and significant about the two way conversation and exchange and be being able to contribute through your questions through your presence and and and through your own. Words and contribution to conversation that helps deepening with, with deepening and deepening the understanding and anchoring in the insights, both for you or for the people that you're with.

So, I think that there's that outwardly connection 1st, that helps with the inner journey, because as you start to go into places where you might not be so familiar with, then, you know, You don't know, like, is this real? Like, did you go through the, am I going crazy

Laurin: Yeah.

Jennifer: Right? And that's why. So

I just, cause I have a very [:

Jennifer: hold on. There's a difference between the doubting part and then the, am I going crazy as you're just diving into the spiritual world. You agree?

Laurin: Yes. Yeah.

Jennifer: So, to help, especially the people who are newer on their journey, or maybe you're going deeper in a way or area and you're like, Is, is this real? Am I going crazy?

Is, is this information that I'm sensing and that I'm interpreting, is that true? And if you don't have anybody else to talk to that is on the same path, you can feel like you're going nuts.

ecause I needed to be in the [:

To who could be mentor, who could be a you know, a validator, whatever. And yeah, but the other part of that for me was a big fear about if I followed the path, the spiritual path that I've been on this to becoming a healer, to be having a facilitator of women's groups, that the people that I loved might think I was too weird

Jennifer: Yes!

Laurin: love me anymore.

Jennifer: Yes, well yes, so that the ostracizing part

Laurin: Yeah.

Jennifer: and that goes way back to how many previous lifetimes. Right? And then you cannot survive if you've been ostracized and kicked out of the tribe.

she was even living with us [:

And so I had a partner in that. And then I began to meet other people in weird and wonderful ways. It's this magnetism, I think, that we, we send out a yearning for, I need, I need other people who can help me understand, who can teach me, who can, you know, help me along the path. And they started showing up and, and I love that about the universe.

I love that about my understanding of how things work now is if I really, really with my heart wants something, especially if it's in the greater good, which I think, you know, more healers, greater good that it's going to happen. I'm, I'm not going to know how or when. , but it will arrive when I'm ready for it and when the time is right for it.

I used to say the time is ripe. RIPE for it. , you know? Mm-Hmm.

netism, what I'm being shown [:

Laurin: Mm-Hmm.

ut there's needing to become [:

Laurin: Yes.

Jennifer: because

Laurin: agree with that. And there's, and there's times where I go, I am not fit company for anybody today. I'm gonna go meditate. Or I'm going to go take a walk in the woods with my dog, or I'm going to do something to reset that or to raise it. Sometimes during the pandemic, I just danced in my office by myself a lot, you know,

Jennifer: that is so good.

ven just by simply holding a [:

We're sending that out into the world. That is. That's helping the world. We don't have to, I don't have to move from this chair to do that. I get to do it through the podcast that spreads it even further. But each person that you affect that way is going to then raise up a bit, even if it's not to the same level and, and radiate theirs.

And I think, I think that's a gift we can give to the world and, and especially humanity at this point, if we can all aspire to. To be that white light as opposed to that neon light.

Jennifer: and and just to take a bit of the pressure off of, you can be like, aim for 51%. Because I think that if we put some unrealistic. Expectation that you're going to be happy 24 7. I think that that is. And I don't think that that was what your intention

Laurin: No, [:

Jennifer: but like, we're not the sunshine.

We're not, we're not the sun. And even our perception of the sun, we rotate through the earth and we have the experience of day and night. Get a break from it all because we need to kind of come back and rest and to be able to go back out there. I don't know

Laurin: I agree. Thanks for clarifying.

Jennifer: What, what, what's been an unusual.

Indicator for me on my journey and my evolution has been my laugh. And as I became more me, my laugh became lighter and more playful.

e word value, but that's got [:

It's that feeling of joy, which I know is a high vibration. Joy is a very high vibration. So

Jennifer: And, and the other, I love that. I love that. And the other thing for me is a lightness. Whereas the, all those voices and the coulds and shoulds and finger waggings of whatever's going on in our head or the flashes of memories that show up is heavy. And so to be able to come to that light and playful laugh, and then if I have moments, it's just like of recognizing, Hmm, I'm not, I'm not laughing as much as I usually do.

Okay. So what's the [:

Laurin: yeah,

Jennifer: indicator,

Laurin: it is. It really is. And I, and I have noticed, especially since we sort of. And, you know, got to the place where we can move back into to, you know, nor so called normal life after 2 years of being in quarantine. I laugh a lot more than I used to. I'm also a lot more compassionate with myself. I think there was a lot of perspective I gained during the pandemic about.

s to get here instead of the [:

No, it's not. That's where I got that, that divine right timing or ripe timing. It's like, it's okay. Everything will occur when it's supposed to, and I can just let it go. That, that just lifted so many of those burdens that sheds woods. I, you know, why didn't it work? Why am I a victim of this kind of mentality?

I, I'm a, I am a. Expert at putting myself in a victim mode many years of practice. So I'm, I'm learning even today, I'm learning. There are places in my life where I have seen myself as the victim that other people saw me as a strength

Jennifer: Ah,

Laurin: just today. And so, so it's like, oh, there's another place where I was playing.

I was, I was playing victim in my head. But I wasn't, I was strong. So I can't remember how I went off on this tangent, but

s you mentioned the pandemic [:

Like, there's so many things that so many people missed and like, they had to catch up and make up for that lost time and the overindulgence of other things. And it's almost like inside, inside, inside. Okay. Back out in the real world. Okay. Let's go. And not necessarily, but like party hard or do whatever hard or do whatever big.

I don't want to be isolated. [:

Laurin: yeah, yeah, yeah. And that's, yeah, it's, that's definitely something that I'm seeing in a lot of people. A lot of those, you know, Introverts came out without, you know, and now they're kind of going, eh, I don't know about that. It's like, I still need more me time. I need more quiet time. I need more solitude, whatever.

And I think even I, I don't have a lot of extroverted friends, but. The even they, you know, like you said, they sort of came out and rushed to do everything. And now they're sort of sitting back going, wait a minute. And what do I, how do I really want to experience this life? Especially since, you know, I think we all feel like we lost a couple of years there, you know, it's like they kind of went by.


It's an opportunity rethink or reimagine what we really want from our lives. For me, it's coming back to this connection thing.

Jennifer: yes. Reconnection.

Laurin: and it's why I started the podcast because I was missing that connection of good, deep conversation with people. And so yeah, so it's interesting to watch. I mean, I have a cultural anthropology background, so I love to see how these things are interacting with each other.

ly looking at that, that way.[:

Jennifer: And the thing is, is that if you've been numb for so long. Are you even giving yourself permission to feel joy?

Laurin: Yeah.

Jennifer: And so this is where that inner reflection and taking that pause to just ask yourself, how am I feeling? How am I feeling? Yeah. We, we, we checked the phone.

Laurin: Yep.

Jennifer: What did I present? Where, where, where's the card? I can't do whatever without my phone being charged. And yet, you know, we go through the day of being with loved ones, of, of doing your job or running your.

Business, taking care of family or your pets or whatever all the other responsibilities are. And then you just drop at the end of the day,

Laurin: Mm-Hmm.

ot a long day again tomorrow.[:

Laurin: Mm-Hmm. . And often it's not good sleep,

Jennifer: No

Laurin: you know, it's not restorative sleep, it's, it's, you know, tassy, turny kind of stuff.

Jennifer: restorative. I think that's where we go now.

Laurin: Okay. Restorative.

Jennifer: How's that feel?

Laurin: that feels good. I always love restorative. It's you know, so how, how would you restore yourself? After a day like that, I

Jennifer: doing the pauses in the day in the process. So, checking in, how am I feeling? So, as you know, you shared earlier, I'm on a mission to teach a million people how to check their inner battery as often as they check their phone battery. So, how am I feeling on a scale of 1 to 10 physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?

he email I'm going to write, [:

How do I restore myself? And it's going to be a little different each day, like the sun is really drying hard to get out. So like, as soon as I'm going to be, when we wrap up, I'm going to go back outside cause I just need to soak up some more sunshine today. But other days it could be pulling out my bolster and stretching.

Or putting on my favorite song and doing a little bit of dancing. Going for a run, going for a walk, petting my kitty cat. Oh my gosh. It makes me so much joy.

Laurin: play with my doggie. I, I, I actually, I just realized I take, but I take three or four breaks during my workday to just go play with the dog for a little while, throw the ball for her and just laugh at her.

Jennifer: I'm so [:

Laurin: It's funny how, you know, you don't really notice sometimes that you are taking care of yourself.

During the day, but you also don't notice that you're not. So I, I love the, the inner battery check. It's something that I think you taught in the very first thing I ever, I ever participated in with you. And I have become a real fan of it because it's an, it's an external prompt to check in with myself. And because I, I, I'm so intuitive that I tend to just kind of flow through a day without really examining the day and it gives me the opportunity, especially when I notice that I don't feel right, or something's not off, or my husband's had a couple of really hard days work wise this week. He's an I. T.

gest client who's had a big. [:

And, and so he's, he's been worrying about how that's going to work out. And he's, and he's, because it's through him through his company. So he's got these two big things and he's walking around like this big dark cloud is around him. And I'm, I'm trying not to get sucked into it. I'm trying to make sure that I have.

Appropriate boundaries in place so that I can be compassionate and helpful where I can, but not soak up that vibration and to lift him as much as I can to take what I can from him to to, to ease his load. And those days, I really do have to be very conscious. about how I'm feeling because it's easy.

ll the time. And and so it's [:

I think I'll play with the dog for a while, you know, or I'm just going to give myself a break and, and, you know, go get tea with a friend. For me, a lot of times it's about connecting with other women when I'm feeling down. It's like, I need to connect with other women. So it's, it's good to have those tools.

I call them. I think of it like a toolbox. If I'm feeling off spiritually, what do I do? Honestly, I go, Hey guys. To my guides, come on in. I need you here. Come lift me up. You know? And immediately I start to feel my energy shift, but sometimes it's, I really just need to be in the company of another woman where we can have this kind of conversation and the podcast serves for that.

But I have a couple of dear friends that I just will go, you want to go get some tea? So can you tell, tell the listeners a little bit more about the inner battery check in?

ntention of this check in is [:

And it's the 1st number that comes to you and then also just do a quick scan through your body and notice. Are you feeling tightness anywhere, lightness anywhere? And this is not you kind of looking at your body like, wow, I'm really out of shape and so I'm going to rate myself a two. That's, that's not what I'm asking you.

ling really tired and tight, [:

Whatever it is, this is just awareness. For you, so I'm a 7 physically, I feel like I'm thirsty. So I've been having some subsidies. What else is going on for me?

onversation in hearing this, [:

Maybe it makes you a little sad, or maybe, you know, maybe you're missing a friend that you used to talk to about this, or a sister. Maybe they're not close by, or you just haven't connected in a while. That's okay. This is just awareness. Maybe you're feeling really happy because you love these conversations and you've been nodding your head through the whole thing.

Whatever it is, for me, I get a 9. I really, really love these conversations and it really lights me up.

And then the next question is on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you feel mentally right now? It's the first number that comes to you. And get present to Are you foggy? Are you clear thinking? Do you feel like you've got this blanket or cloud over you? And what are the dominant thoughts that are coming up for you right now?

Paying attention to that. [:

And then this last question is on a scale of 1 to 10, how do you feel spiritually right now? And this is about you and your connection to whatever higher power it is that you believe in, whether it's God, Allah, Buddha, the universe, your higher self, or just faith that things are going to work out. And I want to say 22, because I'm just loving the flow of the conversation here. And then when you have these numbers, For me, if you're an 8, 9, or 10, you're in this thriving zone. It's like, great. You're connected. You're in the flow. This is what you want to aim for, like 51 percent of the time. If you are in the middle and you're like a 4, 5, 6, or 7, well, you're suffering because honestly, We are [00:40:00] meant to be, our default is actually the thriving zone, but we've been so conditioned in this world to be more in that suffering and survival mode.

So we're in that suffering zone in the middle. And if you're at a 1, you're in survival mode. Now, this is not judgment. This is just awareness, because if you discover that you're a 3 across the board, And you've got a long laundry list of things to do, you might want to reconsider what you take on, because you're depleted and you really don't have any juice to be giving to everybody else.

r cat or your dog, or you're [:

Maybe you're really sick with a bad cold or recovering from surgery. That's okay. It's just awareness, and you then have the, have the opportunity to give yourself permission to give yourself the space and grace to move whatever you need to move through. But if you're a three and you're like, okay, like, there's nothing in my life that is present that should be causing me to be that low, then it's your responsibility to choose differently.

And that's where, as you were sharing earlier, that when you feel like I'm not in the right energy to do something, you go and do something of playing with your dog, connecting with a girlfriend, dancing, whatever it might be, because you know, that you want to show up as that better version of you. You want to get back to that natural state of being.

's, it's so, it's so simple. [:

If I'm like in the middle of the grocery store it just, it shines a light and just shining a light, I find often. Lifts me up. Just like, Oh, I'm at a five physically. Hmm. Okay. Oh, I'm going to go for a walk, you know, whereas it used to be. I just feel like I don't feel like moving. Now, I know, Oh, I could do something about that.

Jennifer: Yeah,

Laurin: And I want to feel physically stronger, physically better. So let's go for a walk. It's simple. It's easy. It's not a big strenuous thing, but it will lift me from a five to maybe a seven or an eight.

nnifer: sometimes it is just [:

Because we don't realize how much little things trigger us could be an email, could be a phone call from somebody trying to scam you. That just gets you [00:44:00] frustrated and then you don't realize that you bring that to the next thing you do or somebody else in your world. As you're saying, loved ones going through something and you want to make sure like, you're feeling away.

Is that mine? Or is that theirs? So, as you check in throughout your day, that helps to prevent you from diving way down. And

Laurin: can't sustain at the same level all day long. We're not built to do that. It's we, we, you know, have ebbs and flows and ups and downs. And and I find it really helpful. I don't have to check in so much when I'm, I know I'm in an up, but when I do feel that dip, it's like, that's when I really go, okay, I need to, I need to consciously choose.

To examine this and this tool gives me that that ability to do that.

eck in at that time as well. [:

That might be challenging. And then it gives you the opportunity to be proactive, to be prepared for it. And it could be just maybe you're going to meet with your accountant and that money stresses a lot of people out. So preparing all of your paperwork or whatever, you know, that you need for that meeting ahead of time, rather than just doing an, Oh my gosh, I don't want to do this.

the next stage of evolution [:

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So, I love that. I just love everything about that tool. I'm so glad that you really took the time to explain it for us because it's I will vouch for it's powerful. It's powerful. And I will, I've been using, I'm in her collective and it's been an amazing ride. It's been, I've been in there just a little over five months.

me to really think about why [:

Potentially a problem for me today or potentially a disruption is probably a better way to put it. And it, it's just, it's been such a lovely way to really gauge where do I want to be today?

Jennifer: It's about creating your world so you can expect success in the Expect Success Collective. Yes!

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. And it's that piece of that proactive piece of what could derail me and what can I do about that? Or how can I plan for that is That alone has been a game changer for me because it's not something I would have thought to plan ahead for before, you know?

of wired for that. Like how [:

Laurin: Yes. Yes.

Jennifer: Success!

Laurin: I love that. It's like packing the diaper bag at the beginning of the day.

Jennifer: We can ship a water bottle and all the things.

Laurin: Yeah. I, I love that. I, that, that's a good way to, to to look at it. Cause yeah, I'm really good at planning for everybody else, but not necessarily for me. And, and that, and it's been serving that as a, as a planning method for me. Plus I'm learning from, from that. Just having to stop and think, okay, so I know that this, I mean, when my husband and the dog, who just came over here to get scratched are in the house and I'm trying to really focus hard on something, I know that my husband's going to walk through the door.

m on something like this and [:

So I don't have to get up and do that, you know and likewise in the other direction. And I have signs on my, on my office door now so that he knows if it's closed what I'm doing and whether he needs to be quiet or I'm just focusing or, and, but I had to, I had to invent those tools. I had to give myself permission to say to him, if you wouldn't mind, just let her in or out if she's scratching, you know and knowing that zoom doesn't pick up that kind of noise, it helps.

So, yeah, it's. It's very, very helpful.

Jennifer: And I'm really glad that you brought that up because this is part of the intention with this tool is to be able to communicate what's going on for you so that the other people around you can support you too.

Laurin: Yes.

ithin yourself, it helps you [:

And that's the symptoms that what might be going on for others. So it makes you more self compassionate and compassionate with others.

Laurin: Totally. Totally. right. Is there anything we haven't brought up yet today that you want to share with the listeners?

Jennifer: I really believe that it is so imperative that you take control of your journey. And I think we're going to circle back to the beginning of the conversation of choosing instead of just kind of flowing through life of the habitual way. Start to give yourself permission to consider what really brings the most joy and what makes your heart sing and then choose to bring that into your world.

you, do that. Or just if you [:

Laurin: And that's a perfect place to stop. Thank you for that. I, you know, I know all of that, but it's always good to hear it again. And So I appreciate that message and I hope the listeners will really take that to heart. Literally take it into your heart because it's beautiful. So can you tell the listeners where they can find you?

otice how your world shifts, [:

Laurin: I highly recommend you go check that out. There you go.

Jennifer: It's at jlyle. com forward slash energy, E N E R G Y, energy,

Laurin: And we'll put that in the show notes too, of course. All right. Well, I want to thank you so much for being here with me. I love, love, love talking with you and I always learn more every time I'm with you. You're so good at talking. articulating things that I kind of feel or know, but but you, you give words to it.

Your voice is very powerful that way. You give words to things that can be a little nebulous, I think for, for some of us at times. And I want to thank the listeners for being here. I hope you will go check out Jennifer's website and, and, and check out that inner battery check in, cause it is, It is such an amazingly simple, but powerful tool to, to help you choose better and understand where you are.


Jennifer: my honor and thank you for this beautiful container you've created.

Laurin: And we'll see you next time on Curiously Wise. And in the meantime, stay curious.

Thank you so much for joining us today on curiously wise, I hope this conversation has left you feeling inspired and curious about the world around and within you. After all curiosity is the key to growth and understanding. So keep asking questions and exploring new ideas. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider subscribing and or leaving a review. It helps us be found by others. If you're curious to learn more about me or my healing practice, Heartlight wellness.

Head over to my [:

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