Episode 84

2024 and Beyond: Flowing Through Transformative Energies with Laura Hoorweg

2024 and Beyond: Flowing Through Transformative Energies with Laura Hoorweg

In this episode we get curious about:

In this 2nd episode with Laura Hoorweg, a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer, we received a lot of information from her guides about the transformative energies of 2024 and beyond, the importance of grounding our energies, and the incredible potential of technology to connect and uplift us. Laura's insights and perspective on how the world is evolving and the role each of us plays in this transformation are both inspiring and eye-opening.

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Bio: Laura is an international Spiritual Counsellor and Clairvoyant Medium. She has a laser like way of seeing relevant details in all the areas of your life. She is perceptive in ways that feel like your own deepest knowing. She brings a compassionate, no-nonsense presence to her work along with a huge capacity to see and outline the most positive life-affirming way forward.

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Bio: Laurin Wittig is an intuitive healer, spirituality mentor, founder of HeartLight Wellness and the Heartlight Wise Women Circles, host of the Curiously Wise: Practical Spirituality in Action podcast, channel of The Circle of Light, and an award-winning author. Laurin is also a co-facilitator of the Triple Goddess Women’s Circle.

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Laura Hoorwig Part 2


So the end of this one may seem a little disconnected, but I didn't want you to wait to know where to find Laura. The mediumship episode will be released at the end of February.

Now on with the show.


It's really all the universe, you know, it's all the same energy and no, no one of those terms is any better than the other because really we're all referring to the same energy.


So we've got some, some. Really interesting things to talk about. Let me introduce Laura briefly in case you haven't listened to her previous episode here on Curiously Wise. Laura is an international spiritual counselor and psychic medium. She has a laser like way of seeing relevant details in all the areas of your life.

She is perceptive in ways that feel like your own deepest knowing. She brings a compassionate, no nonsense presence to her work, along with a huge capacity to see and outline the most positive, life affirming way forward. She is both a seer and a counselor. A refreshing combination. Her passion Is to empower people to live their lives in the most authentic and passionate way possible, aligning their lives with their own divine mission and discovering and developing their own spiritual gifts.

Clients experienced life changing shifts working with Laura. She assists her clients in getting in touch with their authentic selves and exploring new opportunities in their careers. Relationships and lives. She specializes in guiding her clients through major life changes and challenges. Welcome back to Curiously Wise, Laura.


[00:03:09] Laurin: So we're going to dive in because there's a lot going on. There


[00:03:16] Laurin: So just before we started recording, Laura was telling me she's been getting a lot of information from Spirit about This period of time we're passing through right now.

will carry forward well into:

[00:03:43] Laura: Well, we are moving, we are, I'm just going to say it's December 19th, just to give people a guideline.

And we were now just about to move into the Christmas holiday week, and there are so many energetic and cosmic things going on right now that my guides have really been urging me to talk about these things and to help people deal with these. Energy issues, because honestly, if you didn't know what was going on you could start really wondering what what's happening to you and the people around you because there's so many different things going on.

Okay. I'm just going to start with the fact that we're all in Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde started about the 13th of December and is going to go obviously right into January. So, there's that energy right there. Okay. There's energy around miscommunication. You know, there's all the electronic stuff and all that good stuff.

But mainly what my guides were focusing on was the communication issues because let's face it. This can be. A very stressful time for people, you know, it can be a very emotional time for a lot of people. The holiday season isn't necessarily, you know, all butterflies and, and unicorns. A lot of people are dealing with loss, you know, losses of loved ones, losses of employment, losses of, Direction in their own lives.

So there's a lot going on. So what my guides have suggested to me is number 1, we need to amp up our own self care and we need to be very understanding and very compassionate with others and really try to focus on. Staying very, very grounded because when we're grounded, we have much more patience. We can, we can access our compassion much more because let's face it.

It's a stressful time to begin with. And then we have these energetic things going on as well. Okay. Now, that's just the 1st piece of the puzzle. Okay. The 2nd piece is we have a very, very powerful full moon coming up. On basically 25th, 26, you know, it's potato potato. So it's landing right on Christmas.

Okay. For for those people who are celebrating and it is, it's an interesting energy because we all know that. With any normal full moon, the peak time, the peak energies of a full moon is three days before and three days after. So basically what we're looking at is the whole Christmas period, basically from Christmas Eve, Eve, and going right into, you know, New Year's Eve.

There's going to be some very, very intense energies. And as we know, again, the full moon is something that can really knock people off kilter. There's a lot of strange things. I I've been getting a lot of cautionary messages from my guides in terms of limiting your travel, you know, taking, make sure you're, you're being very low key about what you're doing because the full moon energy in of itself can often cause accidents.

Excuse me. I'm just getting over a cold too. Yeah. I was just coughing myself. So not only like car accidents and things like that, but usually people having accidents, you want to be extra careful about what you're doing around the home. You know, you want to move. You know, you don't want extension cords lying around things like that.

Like, be very, just add a little bit of extra caution. Okay, so that's going on as well. And then there's another, another very energetic thing that's going on. Solar cycle number 25. Okay. And I knew already that there was some energetic things, like, really ramping up with the sun and I didn't realize, though, I just actually read some information about it.

those peaks is going to be in:

Sorry, can I interrupt


[00:08:46] Laura: A solar cycle is, is, is basically the energy emitted from the sun. It goes from basically low to high and it increases over curve. I'm by no means an expert, but I do know the basic energetics of it.

And some solar cycle, we're talking when we're on a high energy solar cycle, there's usually a lot of CMEs. There's a lot of, which is the coronal mass ejections from the sun. There's usually a lot of all kinds of radiation, extra radiation that is hitting the earth. Okay, so when we are in a high cycle or the high portion of the cycle, that energy is at its peak and that is, it lasts much, much longer because the sun cycle is all sun cycles are 11 years.

Okay. So, what this means is we're going in to the high part of the most energetic period of the cycle and and what's being said about it is it's going to be peaking at at a high 100 years. Okay, so that


[00:10:00] Laura: exactly, you know, you know, it could affect technology. There's also evidence that shows that when we're in a high energy solar cycle, it affects the weather, it can affect tectonics, you know, we can see more earthquakes and things like that.

There's a lot of it really bombards the earth with a lot of energy. Now, we are protected to some extent by the shield of electromagnetic energy around the earth, but that can only. Protect us to a certain point. Okay. Not to mention that technically, I believe that shield has been weakening over over time.

So, you know, here we have a super high solar cycle and we have a weakened shield. So, obviously, the earth is going to get bombarded, but people forget that not only the earth gets bombarded with all this energy. But literally our bodies also get bombarded with this energy. So, you know, we talked a lot last time about self care and what my guides have really been telling me and talking about is self care over the next couple of years with all this energetic stuff going on is going to be.

Not even I was going to use another word. I'm going to use actual the word critical. Okay. Because our bodies are going to be going through huge energetic changes and we need to support them in every way we possibly can. Okay, yeah, so there's a lot of a lot of things that we can do. buT yeah, so this is a very unusual period.

And really, if we want to talk about this period right now around the Christmas season, we just need to be. Exercise some caution, take care of ourselves, take care of the people around us. You know, I would suggest having a really low. If you don't have to travel a lot, don't, you know, stay close, you know, I'm calling this the kids Christmas, which is keep it simple, stupid Christmas and don't complicate your life and keep it local.

Keep it. Relaxed, peaceful, and just enjoy the people around you is probably the best, the best advice. That is


[00:12:30] Laura: today? Tuesday. Tuesday. It released this morning


What can I choose to do versus what do I feel like I need to do, have to do? So it was, it's very much in tune with this message I've, I've sort of intuitively have been getting the same message, I guess.


There's multiple people all over the earth who are getting the same messages, but we all bring our own energy and we all bring our own interpretations. We all have our own. I like to look at it. Like, Flavors like everybody basically, you know, this is why nobody really has a monopoly on the information because the information is basically being delivered to everyone.

It's just everybody is passing it on in their own flavor. Yeah, the way. And I


But. Each one of us does it in our own flavor, our own way. And that's going to appeal to some people and not so much to other people. So it's great that we have this variety of intuitives of message receivers, of, of healers out there.


So I try to keep it as broad as possible and not sort of speak any one lineage or any one tradition, if you'd like, because I, I really have always had a calling to get information out and understanding to as many different people as possible. And I work with such a variety of people. From different backgrounds, different religions, different belief systems in my practice that I try to leave it open, like I'll often, I'll often say, you know, universe, God, angels, whatever, masters, whatever label you'd like to put on it.

It's really all the universe, you know, it's all the same energy and no, no one of those terms is any better than the other because really we're all referring to the same energy.


[00:15:20] Laura: 2024. This is timely. 2024 is going to be a very interesting year.

tting a lot of messages about:

Yes, definitely. That's part of the energy. But when we're talking about abundance, I'm talking about abundance in the broadest sense of what abundance really is. And abundance is in everything. It's at the cornucopia, it's relationships, it's health, it's love, it's joy, it's fulfillment. It's all those things.

ned to me at the beginning of:

And unfortunately, for most people that didn't really happen. Okay. And when I look at the energy across the world, it certainly didn't happen. And what has happened in 2023 is it's been an extremely. Challenging year on many, many levels for many, many people. Okay. Including myself. I'll include myself in that.

Okay. So,:

Okay. I can feel that fresh air coming in. I can feel that breeze and honestly, I think that 2024 is going to be what I thought. 2023 was okay. So it's going to be that real shift. I think there's going to be a lot of healing going on for a lot of people. I think I don't, I'll go into this a little bit.

Economically, I think the economics for a lot of people is going to shift because we've all kind of got Really blindsided by these massive hikes and especially in food and gas and all the kind of necessities of life, kind of the pricing just. Went crazy and I think a lot of that is going to level out and including housing and mortgages and all that stuff.

I'm really looking forward to:

I think they're going to be of a softer nature. I think they're going to be, what's the right word. More inclusive than divisive. Okay. That's the other thing about 2023. I thought there was going to be a lot of coming together. Much, much more on the earth than there was in 2023, because we all I know I'm not going to go into all the events.

come in in huge waves in, in:

[00:19:43] Laurin: huge goosebumps as you talk about that and that you, what you're describing is the rise of the divine feminine.

Absolutely. All of those things you just described are part of the feminine, divine feminine energy. And yay.


In order for us to bounce back and really realize that we needed to come together because there's nothing like challenge and division and fear. And, you know, there's been war and conflict and all those things. Those tend to after to bring people together and want to help each other. So, I think that was the purpose of 2023.

And as we move in, see, the interesting thing is aid is not only the vibration of abundance. It's also the infinity symbol, and it's also as above as below and as below as above, which talks to our connection, both to spirit and our connection to the earth. And that's another area, by the way, those 2 areas are going to be very, very highlighted.

going to see that shifting in:

The other thing is that connection to the earth and that connection to mother earth, the connection to our need for respect and love and nurturance of the earth. And also, I think an explosion of, because when I look at the relationship with the earth, shamanism is what comes to mind and indigenous peoples.

g to be another big theme for:

They're really going to start to become very upfront and center in 2024 and 2025, but that energy is also going to continue. Into 2030, we might have to do a part, another discussion. Okay. But this energies that are grounding themselves in 2020, and this is what I think this big solar cycle is about. It's about grounding those energies in the earth through this, through this next two years in 2024 and 2025 to institute this massive change that's gonna culminate what I've been shown is going to culminate in 2020 2030, sorry.

u know, saying, talking about:

Well, okay. I'll give you a hint about 2030. I'll give you. Okay. I was given about 2030. Okay, I got


[00:24:03] Laura: notes. Okay, well, I'm ready. Big message that blew my mind and I actually, you know, I'm pretty out there. I can take in some pretty wild concepts. But when my guys started talking about 2030, and they said this to me, I was like.

said, when you're standing in:

See, even now, when I say those words, my whole body vibrates. Yeah, because that is almost, it's almost too huge a space for us to even envision because 300 years. Is huge. You know, that's more that that's more than well, that's way more than 3 generations. Even if you took our lifespan now and said, the average person lives 85 years.

It's and that's our lifespan now. Okay, that not back then, certainly not 300 years ago, but even if you look at it from where we're standing today. That's, you could easily conceive that that's 400 current, I mean, four current generations. Yeah. Okay. That's a, that's a big whack at time. Well, I, you know,


She was a bit younger. But. When I was a kid in the 1960s and went to my grandmother's house in Little Bitty Town in Mississippi, and she told me to go call the library. And I went to the one phone that was in their big house and I picked it up. There was, there wasn't a dial on it. I mean,




She couldn't own property. She couldn't, if she lived on her own and needed anything, she had to have a brother or a father or uncle or a husband to do, you know, to sign for her, to say it was okay. And. Here we are now, even though we're losing some of our rights, we'll get them back. But we've come so far in just my lifetime, really, my grandmother's lifetime particularly.

And it's, it's shocking to me how fast the change has been in my children's lifetime. They're in their thirties now. And I look at, we, we had our first computer just before we started having kids, right? And so our kids have only known computers and now they've got a computer in their hand with their phone.

You know, it's just the, the rate of change has been already has been speeding up exponentially just in our lifetimes.


Yeah, because like you said, it's not linear. It's exponential. Yeah, and we're


[00:28:11] Laura: Now, we are on the speed part of the exponential curve, right? Actually, exponential isn't even a curve. If I remember my math, but that's kind of an up and It's yeah, it goes up like straight up.

hat, that top of that hill is:

Lures me when I, when I think about it, it just boggles my mind, but that might look like and how I don't even think that sitting even where we are right now. This is basically what their message was that even where we're sitting right now. We can't imagine what it's going to be like in 2030 because it's going to be so fundamentally different.



[00:29:56] Laura: Yes. And that's the message. That's the prime. That's the other primary message. That it's not going to be easy, there's going to be a lot of challenges going on, but the world is going to be different. Yes, but it's going to be different in a fundamentally beautiful, incredible way. You know, I keep going back to, you know, that song, the age of Aquarius, we are in the age, literally, we are in the age of Aquarius now, and all those things that were talked about in the song.

derful things. I believe that:

It's going to be an interesting ride.


Understanding, yes, it's all going to be okay and it's better.


Vibration of the whole room, like, people don't understand, you know, I love the, the analogy that my, my guys just gave me. It's like standing in a room that is pitch black and lighting a single match. And if you've, if you've never done this, I want people to do this because this is an understanding on a real life level.

Okay? Because. And what you have to do is find a pitch black place. Most people have never because of our modern world. They've never been in a state of pitch blackness. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And pitch blackness. I'll tell you what it really is. The definition is. Literally, you cannot see your hand in front of your face.

Okay. And I've done this and I've done this experiment and it is mind boggling. Okay. You're in a dark room or a dark cave or wherever you can find the darkest place that you can find. Where you can't see literally can't see your hand in front of your face and take 1 of those single wooden matches and light it and you will be floor that that single match can light up that entire space.

Okay. So that's you. Okay, in a room, and it could be, you could be in a room with 200 people. And this is what I love about energy what I love about spirit what I love. You know, see, people think that in order for these changes to happen, then that a majority of the people on the earth have to be awake and they have to be connected and all that.

It's not true. What I've been shown is that even this is the tipping point. 10%, do you know how small that is? Yeah, 10 percent of the people on the earth simply need to be aware and focused. And are raising their vibration and be in the light in order for all these changes to occur because we always have this, we're, we're, we're conditioned to think it has to be a majority.

It's like, gotta be 51 percent or 52 percent of the people and people can't envision that because that's a massive amount of people. That is not true. Okay. As little as 10 percent can actually change the vibration of the entire world. And what I've been shown is we're pretty darn close to that already.

Yeah. Like literally we're knocking on the door of that 10%. I've


Skeptical, but they're interested in talking to people and, and, you know, and I'm checking with my guy, should I go in on this? Both of them, I've had these amazing conversations and in both cases, they have witnessed that as they have talked to more and more people like you and me, that they have begun awakening.

They're beginning to experience gifts. They are beginning to receive messages there, you know, they're getting really curious and, and that's really all it takes. They've just been in conversation with people for a while now. And it's, it's gradually, it's been lifting them up to a place where they're ready to go.

Oh, look, the world is a different place than I thought it was. And


We're meeting on zoom, but there's an energy exchange. Oh, absolutely. Okay. So what I'm saying to people is you don't even have to be in the, cause I gave that big example about being in the same room, right? The reason that energy healing works or that I can do a reading or read somebody's energy. On zoom is because energy is energy.

You don't even have to be in physical proximity of somebody in order for these things to happen. This is why I think this technology is amazing. And what I've actually found, I still have people saying to me. Oh, I honestly, you know, I'd really love to work with you, Laura, but you only do your zoom stuff.

And I really like, I feel better with the energy in person. Right. And I try to, some people get it and some people still don't, but it's actually, I used to do pre COVID. I used to do quite a bit of stuff in person, but what I discovered through COVID doing everything online was the energy is actually more.

Connected. It's actually more intense. I'll tell you why. Yes, I have. I agree 100 percent with that. Okay. You're agreeing. Okay. Yeah. But I'll explain it to everybody else. Yeah. When you're doing it on the line, I am in my space, I am controlling my energy. I have no distractions. I can control everything in my environment and make it a very high vibrational environment.

Okay. Okay. Now you are also in the comfort of your own home or your own office. You are in your own energy again You can control Everything that's going on in your space Okay. Now if you're seeing somebody elsewhere Okay in another venue, there's other people around there's other distractions. There's noise.

There's all the energetic interference There's, there's the space that you're in, in person that you might only have minimal control over what the energy of that space is. And people don't, there's still a lot of people that don't understand that. So I find in terms of energy work of any kind, whether it's healing, whether it's like what I do counseling and, and, and, and readings and all that kind of thing.

It's better. Yeah. It's not worse. It's not a compromise. It's actually better. It's actually better. And


I, I get deeper with them. I get a stronger connection with their energy, with the messages when they're not here. And I hadn't really put it together, but you're absolutely right. This is a place, this is a sacred place that I'm in right now, you know, and I, and I have cultivated the energy of this space for years now.

And when I go somewhere else or somebody brings their energy in here, it does change it. Whereas if I'm working


[00:40:01] Laurin: Yeah. I had one client come in who was so depressed and he didn't come back after the second session, but when the last time he was here, I felt like I needed to scrub the energy in this entire room when he left.

Yeah, exactly. And I, I don't usually feel like that, but I was like, okay, we got to bring out the big guns and clear this stuff out of here. So I absolutely agree with you. And I mean, I'm really glad to hear you say that because it's definitely something I've been noticing that I would rather work on zoom.

Then in person now, because I feel like I give you better


Different people relate to different kinds of energies. And if we can do this wonderful work virtually like this, whether it's, you know, zoom or some other phone or anything, it doesn't matter that opens up an entire world of people. Yes, like I literally have clients all over the world. Now, if I was doing in person stuff.

Well, forget about it all over the world, even in Canada in the United, like, I have all kinds of clients in North American Canada, United States. Yeah. Yeah. These people, I would not be able to do. The only people that I would be able to service would be local people. Yeah. And that to me is not a good thing.

Right. Right. Because obviously, because I'm attracting people from all over the world, these people are people that I need to connect with. And the same for you or the same for anybody else who's doing any kind of service. There's people that need to connect with you that might not be anywhere near you.

Yeah. Yeah. Plus this way we


[00:42:13] Laura: really amazing. The thing is, the thing I look at it this way, this is, this is, I love, they just whack me again. You are take, we are, okay, I'm just going to use me as the example.

Okay. I am taking my energy and I am planting it. In another part of Canada, I'm planning it in Ontario, for example, or I'm taking my energy and I'm planting it in Florida, or I'm taking my energy and I'm planting it in California, or I'm taking my energy and I'm planting it in Ireland. Or Spain or Brazil, or, you know what, and this is the interweaving.

Yeah. This is part of the divine feminine. I love this. Yes, yes. So back again, this is part of the divine feminine, right? Because the divine feminine is all about weaving all energies together. Yeah. Yeah. Weaving that blanket, weaving that tapestry. Right. And that's super, I, I just feel like it's for the evolvement of the earth.

And all of us on it, I think that that is an absolute essential part of the of it.


Exactly. Listen to it. And that's also taking our energy to other places. Exactly. You know, so it's, I just, I love this whole technology thing. I've always been an early adopter because it does connect us in these energetic ways.


There's some things that I don't like about technology. Okay. But I keep telling people it's not the technology. It's the way we are using it. Okay. The technology is just a tool and even our phones. Okay. I've been, I, I kind of get on my soapbox about the whole phone thing. Okay. Because people there are people out there who are letting their phones rule their lives.

Okay. And and it's their issue. Okay. It's not the phone. Yeah, the phone is a simple tool. It's like, it's like holding a fork and saying this fork is is running my life. Yeah, okay. You know, it's not the fork. The fork's not doing anything. Okay. It's really about how you're using the fork. And if you're stabbing people with the fork, it's not the fork's fault.

You're the one that's stabbing people with the fork. Okay. So I look at the phones the same way. I think the phones are, again, if they're used right, properly, and they're used as a tool, an aid, a help mate, Okay. They have massive abilities to add things to our life. If we allow them to be our, to be an addiction, to be, run our lives, you know, we can't function, you know, without our phones.

You know, you have your phone on in your face every minute of the day. I'm going to tell you something that I just absolutely almost feel. I couldn't even believe that I actually saw this. I actually saw this in real life. I was in a park and I sat down. I was out walking. I sat down for a minute because I just wanted to kind of contemplate my belly button in nature.

ng. Kids, I don't know, maybe:

And I thought, oh, isn't that sad? They're, you know, they're not here. Obviously 2 friends and they're out in nature and they're sitting there and they are glued to their phones. And I watched them for a while and it's suddenly I got the message loud and clear and the message was they're texting each other and I just went no, you know, they're sitting literally they're sitting beside each other and and my guys just said, yes, they are literally texting each other.

And I was so absolutely incensed by this that I walked over to them and I politely asked these two young people. I said, are you guys texting each other? And they both looked at me like I was from Mars and they said, oh, yeah, that's yeah, that's what we're doing. I said to them, I said, you're sitting right beside each other.

Talk to each other. Okay. . And they were kind of looked at each other and then they looked at me and they were kind of dumbfounded. And then, thank God they actually put their phones in their pockets, . And they actually started having a conversation and I walked away smiling like a Cheshire cat. They were dumped.

Like, honestly, the looks they had, they almost, I'm sure that they hadn't even considered that option. Okay. This is what scares me about. What's going on with young people. Okay. And like, so I, I, if I ever, I will do exactly the same thing. If I ever see kids doing that again, but this is what I'm talking about is allowing.

These devices to control us instead of using them as a tool.


[00:48:26] Laura: pretty good




Okay. That's great. But not sitting beside each other. I know.

All right.


[00:49:00] Laura: find you? Yeah, the best place to find me and to find information about me and testimonials and stuff like that is on my website. And it's very simple. It's www. spirit speaks. To the number two dot me and the best thing if you want to get in touch with me.

I always I always recommend The best thing is either to best way is is email and my emails all over my website and it's really simple It's just Laura Horwig at gmail. com And I'm also all over Facebook so you can find me on Facebook both my personal profile which I do a lot of information on, and I also have a Facebook group, which is called Spirit Speaks to Me.

Imagine that. And the best, like I said, the best way to contact, and you can actually direct message me on Messenger too. But the best way if you're looking for contact and information is to just shoot me an email. Great. And all of that will


[00:50:06] Laura: Lauren is so organized.

I was trained really well, this opportunity to wish you and your family the happiest of merriest of Christmases and the most wonderful, joyous new year and to all your listeners as well. I just feel this over encompassing wave of love and I'm just putting that love energy into the end of this.

So that energy just goes out into the world because I think that's the most important thing that we can do. That's the


[00:50:52] Laura: Thank you so much for having me.

You're welcome.


Thank you so much for joining us today on Curiously Wise. I hope this conversation has left you feeling inspired and curious about the world around and within you. After all, curiosity is the key to growth and understanding. So keep asking questions and exploring new ideas. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider subscribing and or leaving a review.

It helps us be found by others. If you're curious to learn more about me or my healing practice, heartlight wellness, head over to my website at heartlightjoy. com. Until next time, I'm Laurin Wittig. Stay curious.

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