Episode 87

Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious Mind with Jason Medlock

Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious Mind with Jason Medlock

In this episode we get curious about:

I had the privilege of interviewing Jason Medlock, a spiritual healer and author, in a fascinating conversation filled with insights and wisdom. We delved into various topics, including quantum healing, past lives, and the power of the subconscious mind. Jason shared his journey into healing modalities, his experiences with hypnosis and remote viewing, and the profound impact these practices have had on his clients. He also discussed his book "Empowered by Consciousness," which serves as a comprehensive guide to various spiritual modalities and offers practical tools for personal transformation. 

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Bio: Jason Medlock provides a unique exploration of various spiritual modalities. With a profound understanding of human potential and a passion for empowering others, he has dedicated his career to helping business owners, athletes, and everyday working individuals become exceptional leaders capable of achieving their goals with unwavering confidence. His groundbreaking book, Empowered by Consciousness, is a transformative manual for self-discovery and personal development that simplifies complex concepts and offers practical techniques for their application. It serves as a roadmap to transformation, offering a unique perspective on our ability to shape our reality.

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Laurin’s own journey from bad health to great health on a non-traditional path awakened many of her own healing gifts, and illuminated a passion to assist others to travel their paths in this lifetime with less pain, and deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them, bringing them to a place of greater ease, and joy. 

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Interview with Jason Medlock

Jason: [:

I became a remote viewer, a scientific remote viewer. Tony Sibilelli was my coach and he taught me how to differentiate between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and how. That the subconscious mind has all the answers knows everything about anything that we're interested in knows it knows everything that we want, and it can uncover a secret locations items that are unknown to me.

nd welcome back to Curiously [:

As a level two quantum healing hypnotist, mindset performance coach, and energy healer among other roles. Medlock provides a unique exploration of various spiritual modalities. With a profound understanding of human potential and a passion for empowering others, he has dedicated his career to helping business owners, athletes, and everyday working individuals become exceptional leaders.

offers practical techniques [:

This insightful and transformative work serves as a valuable. Companion for those seeking deeper self awareness and personal growth. Jason's goal is to encourage others to find their spiritual paths and to help them expand their thought processes, unlock their potential and create a fulfilling life.

His journey is one of wisdom, aspiring to influence others to live authentically and in alignment with their desired lives. Welcome to Curiously Wise,

Jason: Jason. Thank you, Laurin. I'm glad to be here. How are you? Yeah,

Laurin: I'm looking forward to this. I just loved our conversation on your podcast and I just love your energy.

So I'm, I'm really excited that we get to spend some more time together. So let's just dive right in and, and what I really like to ask at the beginning of most of these is. How did you get to where you are today, because you do all of this wonderful energy work and you've had some sort of spiritual awakening.

assume you're on a spiritual [:

Jason: bit of your story. Yeah, when I look back at it, you know, that's a question that's asked and in a lot. And when I look back at it, and if I could just put it in a. Packaged, my sister was a huge influence on my spiritual journey. And mainly it started when I got in college.

Obviously, when I was a little, when I was a little boy, I had all these curiosities on where's God and who is God? And I don't see him. Where's he at? I'm standing up in church. I'm sitting down and the money cri passing back and forth. Okay, . So, but the, the, the, the, from that, those experiences as a Methodist you know, in, in the church.

while I was in college, you [:

And a lot of the things that I was using, they were actually coming true. I'm in college, like my sister knows what she's talking about. You know, I'm just, I'm following her lead because she was more spiritual, more religious than I was. I'm a younger guy. But the thing she would say, if you just do this.

And you keep doing this affirmation of your faith, everything you want to happen for you. And it started to happen. So fast forward a little bit, I'm out of college. I lose touch with my connection, so to speak, I'm still going to church, but you know, I'm, I'm just going to church. I didn't, I wasn't a huge Bible reader, but I knew the Bible and I'm still going to church, but it's just, you know, dressing up, making sure that I pray and things like that.

And I was like, okay. Okay. [:

So I watched the secret and I was like, Whoa. So you mean tell me the stuff you were giving me in college. That's a form of meta, and I was like, physics? It's a form of metaphysics? She's like, yes, it's a form of metaphysics. And the law of attraction, it really works. And this is something new I'm into, and you should start doing it.

You know, you need to learn this stuff when you're younger. So, so, so I started to understand the law of attraction and how energy and how you, you could create this, this attraction through energy and you can vibrate at different levels and reach different frequency and bring things or people towards you and Laurin, I got really good at this.

I was [:

So the vision boarding came from watching the secret. And every time I would use the law of attraction, There will be one to two things on my list that would happen for me. And I was really, and I'm in my thirties at this point, like, like middle thirties, late thirties, I'm like, wow, okay. I believe in this and the vision boarding was.

it's, you know, working and [:

We were shut in. I began to read. I was called to read the first book I read. Yeah. Yeah. Was the Lessons from the Twelve Archangels and I read that book and I'm like, wow, this is our opening and I was, I then started to move into the whole astral projection phase, Dr. Bob Monroe started reading about Monroe's books and I started reading Aaron Pavelin's book, The Guide to Out of Body Experiences and I'm like, why am I reading [00:08:00] this stuff?

And I moved from that and, you know, got really, really entangled with Five Lives Remembered by Dolores Cannon. Oh, yeah. And in all of this, there was something calling me that I could not describe. It was moving me more towards a spiritual path of connection with Source. And when I was going through this phase of moving closer to Source, I started to notice I was becoming more benevolent.

And, you know, I was always, you know, I'm dad and we were, you know, my sons are at least we're tough guys, but I was starting to learn that men needed to experience emotions. And the reason why Not just men, but I'm using it as an example, but humans, the reason why we aren't in touch with our gifts is because of the construct we're living in.

And we [:

I learned channeling, I learned galactic energy healing, and I'm a level three galactic energy healer. She's sort of just like Reiki. Reiki uses energy in the palms of the hand and reading the chakras. Galactic energy healing, we use patterns, different unique patterns that are channeled from multidimensional beings, and we use those patterns and we push them.

ating through my house and I [:

And it was an amazing journey I was taking, but once I got to quantum healing, once I got to understand, well, it wasn't really quantum healing yet. It was Dolores Cannon. It was the books. It was the intensive interviews that she was having while these clients were in this somnambulistic state. This D, D level of theta brainwave state.

hrough past life progression [:

So these books were fabulous. It taught me a whole lot and it just really, really grew my understanding of the subconscious mind. And, you know, just, just as a backdrop of everything I'm talking about, I became a transcendental meditator. Because meditation was the key to calming the mind to create a peaceful space within and it allowed me to flourish in the different modalities.

it knows everything that we [:

So I was practicing as a remote viewer and I got very good at it, very good at it. And then I met, I met, I forget, I shouldn't be forgetting his name, he's one of my coaches. But I started to practice associate remote viewing. And it's a lot of different versions of remote viewing. But associate remote viewing allows me to predict future events.

derstand the situation or to [:

So these were packaged, these modalities, I had detailed notes and detailed experiences and all of this. And I came to the conclusion, wow, I understand the subconscious mind, I understand to change a person. I understand now through hypnosis. Using quantum healing hypnosis that I can move people to different past lives.

And now I'm a mindset coach, mindset, transformational mindset, performance coach, I've been able to write about these experiences that I've had as an author and as a hypnotist, I've been able to do some wonderful things with healing, with, you know, helping people navigate through difficult. Experiences they may have faced as a child.

They may have [:

Yeah, we charge, you know, we charge and we have to make a living and I know that we're that you're experiencing something and you, you know, and, and we, our first tendency is to just help and to emit love, the vibration of love, but we need the vibration of money to kind of help out. So we keep doing

Laurin: this.

at's, that's just the way we [:

Jason: Yes. Yes. So that's how I got here. That's, that's, that's to sum it up. That's, that's how I started the work I'm doing today.

Laurin: It's really, it's interesting because you started so young, sort of your sister guiding you into some of this and had such success with it.

And it sounds like you were pretty open as things began to present themselves to you to, to absorbing them. You know, the books and, and

Jason: I have to take a long look at myself, you know, I really did. I was, my ego was really, really taken control of my life. Yeah. I got a chance to observe my ego. There's a book, be here now by Ron Das, be here now.

s going to write about this, [:

And I tried it and I did 1. 2 grams. I did a small dose. Typically, you know, a guy my size, I'm about six, four, about two 50. I should do. Right up at two grams to get the experience. But I was like, okay, I've never done this before. I tried it. And after 35, 40 minutes, my entire body started to vibrate like a lawnmower was being started.

somebody I was coming from a [:

Okay. And I knew those, the ego, something was telling me, look at the ego, look how terrible it is. So I've introduced this in my mindset coaching on how to minimize the human ego and bring it down so that your subconscious mind can make decisions. As well. And so it's not so lopsided and really move the human ego down here.

And it comes with not identifying as something. Yeah, we are, we are authors. We are energy healers. We are coaches, but yeah, people can say that's who we are, but inside it takes practice to try not to self identify. So you can minimize the human ego.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. [:

It's, you don't want to get rid of it entirely because its job is to keep you safe, right? That's sort of, it's, but it gets a little bossy. It gets a little controlling after, after we, I don't know when it, when it happens, but I still have to go, wait, that's ego. No, that's not, let me, let me tune in and see what's really going on here.

And it's a, it's a valuable. Thing to understand. Cause you're right. We often do things based on that ego, that ego energy when really we were, we need to lead with love. We need to lead with, with the heart energy. So yeah, I like that. So let's, let's just take a few minutes and talk about quantum healing.

Quantum. Hypnosis healing technique. Is that right? Or is that, I got that backwards. Quantum

Jason: healing hypnosis

nique. It's a Q H H T. Okay. [:

If you want, just get comfortable, whatever. And she taught, she took us through hypnosis that helped us feel more confident. And she said, do something, you know, during the hypnosis, she said something about, do something with your, with your hand so that every time you feel like you need confidence, you can do that with your hand.

And so I clinched my left hand during that hypnosis. And when we all came out, it was like. It's cool. It was kind of like meditating, you know, it was kind of nice, but I kept finding myself during that conference. When I was talking to people, I was a little intimidated by clenching my left hand, just, just, you know, surreptitiously, but, and then I got this sort of more feeling of confidence and was able to speak more, more fluidly and things.

ith it, but I know this is a [:


Jason: blows your mind. With her collection is awesome.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. I need to read more of her. I'm, I'm getting back to reading now, actually. So it's, that's just been in the last few months, but so tell us about quantum healing. You know, what is it? You've talked a little bit about it as you were giving us your journey, but when are you called to use that with your clients or is it like everybody gets this?

Jason: Everybody doesn't get it and you, you're called to use it with specific clients. And it sounds like the, the, the, the lady who was at the, the writers convention was using clinical hypnosis and she was implementing the trigger within, with deep within your subconscious mind to clench your, you know, clench your hand when you, you know, want a reaction.

e things to remind. A person [:

Then I'm going to stick with clinical. And just kind of, you know, go 12 sessions because it takes, it takes at least six sessions of hypnosis to even get to know all the things about you and what's going on really with you. And then the next six you know, nine sessions are focused on, you know, introducing these things to the subconscious mind, you know, these changes that I need you to make over and over and over while you're in a deep, relaxed, beta brainwave state.

of that as well, but quantum [:

The curious side, the side that wants to know all the answers, the side that wants to know every little thing that's happening. Oh, I'm breathing too hard. Oh, I'm itching. The left side of the brain is very curious, and it prevents the right side of the brain, which is the side of the brain that holds all the pictures, the memories.

ated issues, remote wellness.[:

And, you know, basically it helps you with your overall well being. Okay, so when, when we work with clients. With quantum healing hypnosis, typically they're dealing with some deep, deep mental issues or abusive in a marriage and they want to know why people want when people want to questions answered. Why am I doing this?

Why am I doing that? When will I find a husband? You help me understand, you know, what's the problem with my daughter? She, we just cannot get along. That's a quantum healing hypnosis session. Quantum hypnosis, you don't get answers back from the client. You typically are infiltrating the subconscious mind.

ough this beautiful journey. [:

Can you tell me about it? We promote conversation within the session. And what this does is it continues to help the client relax. It continues to help the client trust. We're looking for trust more than anything, you know, in any type of session. therapy session. Trust is key. We're looking for this trust and talk.

And what do you see? And how do you feel? Let's move to this place and let me talk to you a little bit more. And can you feel this? Did you experience that? Well, tell me about it. You keep moving deeper and deeper and deeper until we finally get to the point that we can move you into a different past life.

ore so regression therapy as [:

I switched to you to a different lifetime and in each long time. You had a different accent. You were a different person, you had a different demeanor, and I'm recording you on audio, and I'm playing this back, and I'm like, well, wait a minute, what did I stumble upon here? She stumbled upon past life regression, and then, she got so good at it, she was able To then ask questions and one day the higher self, the subconscious minds gave me the answer.

speaking to? And from there, [:

So, whoever your higher being is that you worship, that you call on, it can be accessed with quantum healing. So, it's a deep dive into the subconscious mind, enabling people to just access insight, wisdom, and we use that stuff to Help people resolve personal issues, you know, or in my case, I've expanded it to like professional challenges that people have.

And you can't understand why [:

So, the 1st thing I have to do, and obviously we do intake sessions. And I need to spend about an hour and a half with this person talking to him and just trying to figure out everything that's happened in their life. And once I can get to know everything about this person, the mom, the dad, the relationship between them, the sisters, the brothers, the cousins, the girlfriend, the best friend in high school, everybody.

And those are my list of characters, because when I move through the past lives, these characters are very important when you're doing quantum hypnosis. Because you see these characters come up some of the past lives and sometimes the subconscious mind then take you to a different past life when you're forming this technique.

It takes you to different [:

I'm able to go 3 or 4 lifetime, maybe 5, some patients will go to 5 different situations in the current life. Now, well, why what's the purpose of delving into these different areas of the life? Because whatever the issue is, that's affecting the person in the current day lifetime. Is typically buried in one of the past [00:29:00] lives.

And that's why when we get into the past life, we ask them, where are you? I'm in a grass field. Do you have any hands? Do you have any feet? Do you feel male or female? We ask a lot of questions. Is the body old or the body young? I feel young. Look around you. What do you see? So we try to make them describe everything and it's almost like, you know, you're writing your books.

somnambulistic state, theta, [:

And the more we do this, the more the person is enthralled. In the book, enthralled in the lifetime, they're living the lifetime, literally, Laurin, before your eyes. Can you tell me where you live at? Can you show me your house? And they may move their neck a little bit. Let me know when you're at the house and get to the house and look around.

What's around the house? There are trees there. There's a, there's a water well to the left. Can you see the, the, can you look in the sky? Are there any clouds? It's just, we're in the forest. So you get them to keep going, keep explaining. Where's your, who's your mom? Do you have a mother? I'm married. What's your wife's name?

we try to create this scene [:

So we'll go through each life. If I can't get one in this life, I can't find what I need. Let's move from this place, from this place in time. And we're now moving to another life, to another place where we can find information to help you. You're now in another life. What do you see? And then the person, boom, they're in this life and they're talking and they're, you know, trying to figure out my name is John and there may be a woman laying in my land on my, on my couch and she's John now and she's married and she has two boys and she works at the farm mill.

ings. These different people [:

Got it. So now I've got this information and I'm ready to move the client out. But the unique thing about quantum healing hypnosis, when I bring the client out, then I go back in and ask for permission to speak with the subconscious mind. And as you get a twitch and you, you know, it'll be a moment.

beautiful intelligence that [:

Sometimes Lawrence, like, you're like, Whoa, but we have to kind of stay, you know, in the moment, you know, while we're, you know, caring for this person who's, you know, under our care, but it sometimes you're like, Whoa, who is that? And, you know, and you hear this voice and now all the questions. Thanks. All the things prior to when I prep people before they come see me that they wanted to know.

e get to that part, and it's [:

The only thing different is you are the 1 answering and that's what's so unique about quantum healing. You're the 1 answering. I'm videoing it. I have an audio tape on you. You get a chance to reflect on what is said after I ask the question. And just like in Dolores books, and not so much so her books.

Her books focus on events in time and different information. But if you study quantum healing hypnosis and all the information that's out there, Dolores is healed. Thousands of people with cancer from heart disease. She had one lady that she replaced her whole college. And you wonder, well, who in their crop is doing this stuff?

en. But what if, what if you [:

And reason with it and ask questions of it and ask why the healing can't happen or can you fix it and they're saying to you, and I'll have a swirl on this and they're saying to you, this is an actual session I had, can you cure the cancer in her body? Yes. And this is a client saying, yes. Well, how will you do it?

ay I, we, we will use water. [:

And I record these sessions. And at some point in the audio, Okay. Just all of a sudden, there's not enough water in the body. We told her that she should drink more water. And I said, well, what do you there's nothing else we can do. We need more water in the body. So fast forward that one. Once I got this lady out of the session and I called her friends into the room and she was coming to you know, I was giving her time.

So I looked [:

They like, oh, my God, Jason, we as her friends and her mom, we've been telling her to drink more water. The doctor was telling her your borderline dehydrated. You need to drink more water. But I got this when she was in a deep, deep, somnolentic state and it came out in a beautiful voice. About she needs more water so that we can heal her.

and you get these responses [:

So I incorporated pieces of clinical hypnosis and I've asked the clients that were looking for specific things to get the questions. Will, can I focus more? When I'm taking the bar exam, will you help me focus more? So I've kind of, you know, created these programs on my website [00:39:00] that I offer clinical, but I offer a deeper experience with yourself and a higher rate as far as you achieving what you want by using quantum.

If no succession,:

And it's just, it's a, it's a beautiful, beautiful, peaceful experience.

us some examples too, that, [:

And, and it sounds like you're reliably getting deeper, whereas I get whatever spirit says it's time for me to hear. You know, so, cause I do a lot of, I do get a lot of past life information when I'm working with a client, but it's not this very focused. I'm going in to get information about this particular thing.

It's sort of what wants to come up. So how long did it take you to get it for you to get trained in that?

to, you know, not freak out [:

They just want, this is a true story. They just, they, you know, can you help me without contact? It's just a friend of mine when I was actually practicing. Can you help me, you know, just see 2020? I don't want to use contacts anymore. That was one of her, her, a request. And after we finished the session, I mean, she was a baby girl.

She was a teenager. I mean, she was popping like a baby and then she was about the prom and, and I mean, she was, I mean, it was incredible. All the different things that I, the different lifetimes I'm sitting there like this works. So one of the, I said to the higher cell, can you help? Her vision, she does not want to wear contacts anymore.

rritate her eyes. Yes, we're [:

They will be fine. So I go through all the, you know, everything and bring her back and she's there and I said, you can open your eyes now. Couldn't open her eyes. And she started freaking out. I can't open my eyes. I can't open my eyes. I said, relax, just relax. They said they weren't working on the eyes. We sat there and talked for about four minutes and she still couldn't, I still can't open my eyes.

d that she could read clear. [:

I can see it much better than it was. And then it got progressively. Better as time went on and it kind of stayed in one spot, but her vision was vastly improved using quantitative hypnosis. So at that point, that was one of my stories. The Dolores has many mm-Hmm. . And there are other practitioners out there that have healing stories as well.

Oh yeah. Yeah. But that was one of my first healing stories where I improved the vision of a young lady's eyes.

Laurin: Yeah. That's awesome. That's

nce the session is over with [:

are healing for them. So once that happens, it usually takes about three days for everything to take place. And people ask, well, how long will this last? If you're asking that, that means you're depending on the session. Mm-Hmm. to be everything that you gave me. Mm-Hmm. . You can choose to reprogram yourself to rewrite a software.

you're trying to fix will be [:

Laurin: Yeah. That's awesome. Okay. I'm going to have to go investigate that. I get fascinated by modalities and that one sounds

Jason: percent. I get a percent off. If you want to join, if you want to add that to your umbrella, go to my website, sign up and you get either percentage off. So cool. Yeah.

Laurin: I'll put that in the show notes too, in case anybody else out there wants to investigate.

Okay. I'm just taking a note here. Okay. So, so many things, but I want to make sure that we talk a little bit about your book. You mentioned it earlier and I am a book person, so I always like to highlight books when people come on who've had them. I have to say, I have not read it yet, but it has got the most gorgeous cover I've ever seen on a nonfiction book.

I have to, it's just like,

Jason: I'm in love with this cover. I love it. Let's make sure I get your address, you know, before we leave, because I'm going to send you a copy. Yes. Oh, thank you. I have plenty of them. I'm seeing them.

oday. I recognize I'm saying [:

It's there's so many pieces of what I do that sort of touch on that stuff, but this is such a focused methodology. modality that it's really fascinating to me. So tell us a little bit about how, how you came to write a book.

Jason: I came to write the book when I started to move to this modality, learn it, try it, experience it.

And, you know, I said, okay, I'm gonna write about this. After the third modality, I knew that, okay, I'm gathering so much information. I mean, people will have to know this. I was having to go get this book, or get that book, and this book for this, and this book for that. I was saying to myself, I'm gonna put all this in one book.

psychedelics and my personal [:

So I was going to share each modality. Everything I found out about the subconscious mind, I have a section for hypnosis and all the wonderful things that it can do and some of the things that quantum healing hypnosis was able to do for me, you know, meditation have a section on how transcendental meditation versus other types of meditation and just what it meant For building your base with finding some modality that can calm you and like the energy of, and I'll talk about that.

terview style portions of it [:

So, when I write about that, give the history, then I give you actual sessions I performed where I, I do a performance session where I'm sensing their underground huge tubes. At Skinwalker Ranch, and that's the, where all the anomalies are in Nevada, the ranch in Nevada. And I'm doing a session with Tony Silva lately, who's my instructor.

ciousness, it's just what it [:

I don't use a lot of technical terms I write as if I'm talking to you and really it's for the spiritually curious. For, for the person who has heard about these things, but they're like, I don't know about that, but they're curious and I write it and I talk about it, how to use the book, you know, what to do, what not to do.

arned imported when it comes [:

And that's what Empowered by Consciousness is. It's just a, it's just, you know, everything is wrapped into this book, all the modalities and what they do and how they can help you. So I'm, I'm pretty, I'm pretty excited. The first few days it came out, it was an Amazon bestseller. So we had sold a lot. So that happened.

And we were in that 35, we were within that 35, 000 percentile on Amazon, I think it's like they say it's millions of books, but if you're in that 35, 000 for, I think my publisher told me a full week or for a few days, then you can use the title of national bestseller or bestselling book or whatever the case may be.

ell, and it continues to, it [:

And it gives you a, just a detailed writeup of the book. You can purchase the book. You can even, and here's another freebie. You can, you can get the first, I think it's the first 90 pages actually. Ooh. The first 80 or 90 pages of the book. You can just read the book and see if it's something that you know that, that you, that you resonate with.

, I can resonate with Jason. [:

And we use this for healing. And then there is a, I'm a money magnet. Hypnotize yourself to attract the frequency or to, or to move yourself to the frequency of money. Well, how do you do that, Jason? Very, very easily. Move love at the center of your heart. And once you start to emit a love, For people or animals, your boss that gets on your nerves.

Yeah, you can have the emotion of, Oh, I'm tired of him, but I love him though. He's he's a, he's a, so you can quantify love at that level consciously and subconsciously. It raises your frequency in anything that you're trying to do. You can connect with the frequency of money, the vibration of, so all everything here is just energy and it vibrates at a certain level.

So you can be on that level [:

Laurin: Yeah. I'm, I'm looking forward to reading it. It's amazing to me that you have taken all of these different modalities and brought them into a single book because it's such a gift to do that.

So many books are about a thing, you know, a modality, a way of, of working with the subconscious or whatever. But to have all of those there, because I believe there's so many of us out here doing healing work. in so many different ways, because each person is going to find the one that works best with them, or they may try several before they find that person.

ities. So it's really lovely [:

Jason: go out and buy the book that you want to just focus on. Yeah. Yeah.

And I give you a, I give you like some sort of a, just, you know, packaged in one mm-Hmm. for you to figure out which one it is. Yeah. And it's amazing, Laurin, that when you put all those together. And now I'm mindset coaching, transformational mindset coaching, I'm able to show a person how to differentiate between their conscious mind and their subconscious mind.

is to actually infusing your [:

I use spiritual modalities in my coaching program. I don't use worldly techniques. I use spiritual modalities. I know how to stop habits. I know how to move you in a place where you can perform on a test. Perform at a, if you're at a convention and you have a phobia of shaking hands and opening your mouth to meet people, you can cure these things through hypnosis, through quantum healing, you know, so it's, it's, it's gratifying that I can use all these tools and package them in a coaching program and, and, and have professionals You know, look at that, you know, it, it doesn't have to be all number driven and financial.

frequency you're admitting. [:

Laurin: of sales. Yeah. That's something I've been tuning into a lot lately that we need to lead from the heart as much as we leave from the head. And, you know, both are valuable, but we've left out the heart part and that's the more feminine energy, generally speaking, and, and it's really, really important in our world right now to start bringing that in consciously.

So I'm glad, I'm glad that

Jason: you're the feminine, the feminine energy is the energy that should run the world. I agree. , you know, and the feminine energy one ruled this, this planet. And that's when this planet was peaceful. It was on track to be, you know, a peaceful nation. A higher vibrating individual, moving more into 4D, into 5D, quicker than we are right now.

s, you know, we still have a [:

Laurin: around. We are turning it around. I, I think that there's a lot of work going on that is not visible yet in terms of shifting things to a higher vibration and bringing more of the feminine divine energy in.

And so I'm, I'm actually pretty excited to see, even though it's going to be chaotic, see what happens the next couple of years. Cause I think we're really at a tipping point or we're just about to be at it. So,

Jason: all right, according to according to Morris, we're. The new earth, the new 5D earth is already created and people are already transitioning.

So that's, that's another topic for another day, but

Laurin: yeah, that's when I, it's, you got to wrap your head around all that. Yes. Good. All right. Is there anything that we have not touched on that you would like to bring forth for the listeners or viewers? I

Jason: just want people to, you know, I'm gonna say it again and I'll keep saying, I want people to emit the frequency of love.

It's important. It's [:

This is a visual practice I was taught by my spiritual teacher to instantly raise my vibration when things are going wrong, and that's how you do it. And god when You believe and think of yourself as pure white light with the, with the frequency of love. And I'm leaving the audience with that. Something really simple that can really change your day.


I appreciate you coming and [:

And so I would like to also thank the listeners and appreciate you being here. And I hope you come back next week for another episode of Curiously Wise and in the meantime, stay curious.

Thank you so much for joining us today on Curiously Wise. I hope this conversation has left you feeling inspired and curious about the world around and within you. After all, curiosity is the key to growth and understanding. So keep asking questions and exploring new ideas. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider subscribing and or leaving a review.

ext time, I'm Laurin Wittig. [:

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