Episode 88

Unlocking the Mysteries of Spirit Guides: A Trust and Intuition Conversation with Laura West

Unlocking the Mysteries of Spirit Guides: A Trust and Intuition Conversation with Laura West

In this episode we get curious about:

  • Understanding the roles of spirit guides
  • Exploring communication methods with spirit guides
  • Emphasizing trust and intuition in the spiritual journey
  • Seeking validation and embracing patience in the process
  • Laura's book "Guided" and its relevance to spiritual growth

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Interview Episode with Laura West

Laura: [:

Laurin: Hello friends and welcome back to Curiously Wise: Practical Spirituality in Action. I'm so happy to have you here with us today. I have a wonderful guest. She comes highly recommended by a friend of mine who interviewed her recently. And I was really happy that she could join me here.

st. Let me give you her bio. [:

Has taught about intuition on several virtual platforms to students from all over the world, contributed to both national and international journals and magazines, and has been invited as a guest on several podcasts, including this one, again, both nationally and internationally. Currently, she hosts her own podcast called A Guided Life.

She has also authored her book titled Guided. She is dedicated to spreading the word of love and teaching others how to communicate with their spirit guides through intuition. So if you've been listening here for a while, you know, she is well aligned with what I do. So welcome, Laura. It's so great to have you here.

Thank you so much for having [:

Laurin: Yeah, I love I love talking all things guides. I teach all my clients how to communicate with their guides and how to bring them into their lives. And and so I really like that, that we're going to talk and we'll get different perspectives about how all that can be part of your life.

Laura: Me too.

Laurin: yeah, yeah.

So let's, let's just dive in. How did you start communicating with your guides? Where were you in your journey and, and what, what brought them to your attention?

Laura: So I was in my mid to late teens when I picked up my first Sylvia Brown book. And that was the first time that I learned that spirit guides even existed. I grew up in a Jewish and Christian household and neither religion talks about spirit guides. So I had not heard of them before until Sylvia Brown.

guides just weren't really a [:

Guidance through her teachings in her books on how to pursue my spiritual journey. And part of that was learning to meet your own spirit guides. And so she had suggested in one of her books that if you ask for them to visit you in a dream, That's one way you can do it. And for me that was a nice way to do it because I didn't want someone just popping up in front of me or me seeing them in the dark or something that would scare me.

t and he was, he was sort of [:

And he said, yes. And then my follow up question was, what is your name? And he told me his name is Jason. And so that's how I first met Jason, who I. Consider my quote unquote main spirit guide. The one who I say has just been with me since my soul sparked and he's with me for all of my lives and through everything that I go through along with other spirit guides that may come and go.

But he's definitely the one that I turn to for many things no matter what spiritual or related or not. So that's how I met, that's how I met Jason. It was in my Teen in my, yeah, teens, late teens around that time when I met him in my dreams,

Laurin: Hmm. So have you added more guides to your, your,

Laura: my repertoire.

ur repertoire? I call 'em. I [:

Laura: love that.

Laurin: and I've collected a lot, so it's like all y'all Come on in

Laura: Yeah, seriously. I love that. Yes, I have, I, I have met others along the way. So I know that I definitely have way more than I have. Quote unquote, officially met but some of the more, I guess, significant meetings that I've had with other spirits who have helped guide me in my life is I met another spirit guide.

Gosh, I want to say in:

We're in a grocery store and I see her, she's like mopping up. After [00:06:00] it's been closed for the day and she's wearing like a pink apron and she's got this dark curly hair. She's darker skinned and she had on like a white polo shirt and I think green pants, something like that. From what I remember, I wrote it down somewhere, but this is from memory.

And when I saw her, I just knew to ask her, are you my spirit guide? Which is interesting because she was just mopping the floor after. The shift was over and the business closed. So it wasn't exactly a scenario where you would. I would think, Oh, this must be my spirit guide. So on a soul level, I knew to, I knew to ask, but on like a realistic level, I would not have known to ask.

t's how I met Lana. And with [:

I started delving into psychic mediumship, energy healing, looking into cards, crystals, everything that I, that I didn't do before when I had spiritual awakening number one, where it was just learning that spirituality even existed. Now I'm actually. Putting more, you know, both feet in and really taking the reigns on my connection with spirit.

And so I feel like she came during that time. It was during a guided meditation where I met another. Spirit guide and with her, I feel like she, she comes in when I need her for courage. And I was in my mediumship course and we did this guided meditation where we were to meet our spirit guides.

And I'm [:

Unruly long red hair and she had like war paint on her face and she was definitely from the like Northern Northwestern European region. So, like, maybe the UK or something like that. And from long time ago because it felt very tribal and so I share that with my group at the time and I was taking this.

ass. And that's significant, [:

And I said, who? She said, Boudicca. And I said, well, who's that? I've never heard that name before ever. And she said, you should look her up. And so when I did, and I looked her up and I saw, you know, the, the, the pictures of her, they were like artists interpretations and things, but still, you know, I think based on history, but I, I cried.

ll, cause again, it's been a [:

But she I want to say was Celtic. And I mean, this was the Romans were invading the, the UK, that part of where she was from. I want to, I want to say it was towards the North of what's now the United Kingdom. And she was the, I don't know, the chief's wife or something like that for her tribe.

And when the Romans came, they killed her husband, killed lots of her people, raped her daughters all in front of her. And so. Instead of cowarding or hiding or submitting, what happened was she ended up rising and revolting and fighting against the Romans with her people. And so, oh my gosh, that gives me like chill now.

ediumship and really working [:

And so I really needed that courage. And so I really was just so moved when I. I realized that somebody like Boudicca was there to help me to give me that courage. Because I just, it, it, after all these years, she's still here, here to help whoever needs it. And then another one that I met, I know, right?

Oh my gosh, it's so cool. And then another one that I met through another mediumship course that I took through Suzanne Giesemann. I was, it was another guided meditation to see like who you're. Mediumship guide is sort of the gatekeeper for who lets the spirits in and, and,

Laurin: Right? Oh yeah.

Laura: know, talk to.


So to hear that name over, you know, a few days, several times, and I was tuned in enough where I'm like, Oh, that's okay. I need to pay attention to that. There's

Laurin: Right. Right. Yeah.

Laura: Yeah. And so I have these this really cool deck from, Oh goodness. What's his name? I'm totally blanking. He's the Irish.

The Irish guy with the angels,

Laurin: Oh I know who you're talking about.

Laura: right? Okay. So it'll probably come to

Laurin: either.

Laura: Oh, my gosh. It'll probably come to me. I know I've got his decks right back

Laurin: Yeah.

Laura: [:

I pull the same card. It's the Mary Magdalene card and she's about teaching and all this other good stuff. But the teaching is what caught my mind. Cause I, I love to teach. I have my master's in nursing education, so I teach nurses on my day job. So anyway, I really resonated with that. So that to me, there were, there were too many synchronicities that I couldn't ignore around the subject of who my mediumship guide is that, that's how I felt confident to say, okay, Mary Magdalene is the one who's with me, helping me with that.

just from the top of my head.[:

Laurin: Yeah. So do you have any jokesters?

Laura: So Jason has a great sense of humor. It's very similar to mine which I can appreciate. Jokesters. Thankfully not. I don't know if I would do very well with, with a mischievous guide. Cause I think that that would, that would I don't know. I don't think I would, I would be happy with that, but definitely good sense of humor, which

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. I, I have, I had one for a short period of time whose name was Eric. I can't remember how he, how he came to me. They, they all come in so many different ways,

Laura: Right.

Laurin: but he was somebody who had been in light alive in this time period that we're in. Back in the 70s, he was a surfer boy out in California, and I think he died in a, in a surfing accident.

I can't remember exactly, but he was very like, yeah, dude.

Laura: Oh my gosh.

ime. And about that time, my [:

And I was like, really? Huh? Why do you think that is? She's like, I don't know. I don't know. But this other weird thing happened to stone showed up on my, on my Her kitchen counter, she lived by herself in a small place that I haven't bought. Nobody's been in my apartment and it just showed up. And I'm like, Hmm, I think you have a guide. And she said, Oh, and about three or four days later, she called back and said, I don't like this guy. He keeps poking me. So I kind of tuned in and I went, Oh, that's Eric. He's shifted to you because the, you know, better, better.

Laura: interesting.

ion, you know, like you were [:

And it really kind of opened her eyes to things. Oh, he comes, he comes back and says hello every now and then, but he's always kind of joking around. So yeah, he's a good guy. He's just kind of. You know, he's probably 17 when he, when he passed away from this life and he took that with him.

Laura: isn't that interesting? That's so interesting. Yeah. I've learned about the only guy that besides Mary Magdalene, we all know about her story for the most part. There

Laurin: yeah. Whether whether we know the

Laura: that. Yeah, exactly. But as far as Jason goes again, part of that mediumship course that I took with Gordon Smith was doing this guided meditation where you asked to see One of the lives of your guides and so it was just very short little glimpse into it, but I did learn the life that Jason showed me that he had.

young boy and it was he was, [:

And, and it was like, Like the apples are being thrown at him. I think that's what it was. But showing me, you know, that he did have this sort of difficult life and that he's able to empathize with any difficulties that I go through. Cause he's like, look, I went through something rough too, but it didn't go beyond that, but that was, that's interesting when we get a glimpse into that and I have done readings for people.

it's not, nothing's finite. [:

They live previous lives. Like there's no way that they can also be incarnated in this life and da, da, da. And I had learned that through reading that one of that, my sitter, her guide, not only is. Guiding her on the other side, but is also living a life at the same time. And I was like, whoa, yeah,

Laurin: well, I haven't heard that before.

Laura: right.

Laurin: really interesting. Yeah.

Laura: So interesting, but I also do know from so I really, I love Dr. Michael Newton and his books, journey of souls and destiny of souls. Oh my goodness. Those are life. Changing a little quick backstory about Dr. Michael Newton's. He was a psychologist and he was doing these hypnotherapy sessions for his patients for the usual type of thing.

k one of his. Patients, just [:

Open minded, let me see, non biased. Let me put it that way.

Laurin: Curious.

oks and they're just amazing.[:

Laurin: Hmm.

Laura: So, you know, from him, I learned that we don't bring all of our energy, all of our soul. Into our current life. So we do have parts of us on the other side higher self, whatever you want to call it. You know, we do have parts of us on the other side. So it's, it's totally feasible in my logical human brain that there would be a part of us that could still be a guide to somebody in spirit form while still living a concurrent life.


Laurin: of that before, but it does, it does make sense when you, when you kind of think about timelines and, you know,

Laura: right.

Laurin: dimensionality and, you know, it's

Laura: Exactly.

Laurin: wow.

Laura: Exactly.

Laurin: Yeah. Sometimes my brain goes, I can't take any more information.

nt to be able to, to figure, [:

Laurin: We do learn to be careful with our words, don't we?

Laura: Yes we do. They're very powerful.

Laurin: So you mentioned that, that you've met a couple of your, your guides in dreams. What are some other ways that people might meet their guides? Okay.

Laura: I love that question. And it's a great segue into sharing that I do have my free gift is about this and it's on my website to help other people who may be interested in wanting to meet their own guides. It's just ways that worked for me. So asking to visit and dreams, like you said, is a good one.

we call it channel writing, [:

You could just call it writing you know, just a stream of consciousness writing. But I do find that. If you get to where you are channel writing anything, really, I know I was doing it for school papers. I did a lot of it to get my book started. You know, if you wanted to find out who was.

Helping you on the other side of that channel writing, then you can ask close-ended questions, open-ended questions. So that's a good way to do it and see what answer gets written down. I know people use pendulums and other sort of divination tools to help them with that. Being tuned into the different signs that Spirit gives you.

hichever one is fine. And so [:

To be able to. Have that, it feels more personable. It feels like we can form a relationship with something that has a name. It, I want to say humanizes it though. I know we want to maybe not, not narrow it down to that, but it does for our physical beings. It's very helpful to, to have the name. So I know that lots of people say the name's not important, but it is, I know for me, it's important.

So I like to have the name.

Laurin: that I'm not one to necessarily desire a name. Sometimes they're given to me, but I'm, I've never been wanting to go, what's your name? My best friend who journey journeyed along this path with me for a long time, I always wanted to know who was talking cause cause I could channel. So I would channel them and she's like, but who's talking, it's like, I don't know.

e feels female. I don't know.[:

Laura: Isn't that funny?

Laurin: well, ask, you know, and then I'd get a name. But. But so, yes, I mean, I do know the names of some of them. They've been with me a long time. Mostly they're the earlier ones where I did. Did have a, like, a meeting of them. Others have sort of just come in, you know, it's like, I want to come hang out with this group.

Laura: Yeah. Yeah.

Laurin: I have, I have 1, you were talking about I can't remember how to say her name, but the, the the 1, who's your courage. You know, your courage because if it's Celtic, it's not spelled like it sounds. But I have 1 who was probably the 1st 1 that I actually got a name from and she is an American Indian woman.

me and I asked her questions [:

And then on the other side of it, there was an eagle.

Laura: Like Sacagawea or something.

Laurin: I got Golden Eagle Woman from that.

Laura: Oh, wow.

Laurin: And so she did that and she went years without talking to me. Always there, present. This is mostly when I'm doing shamanic work. And at one point. I needed help. I had so many fears around being judged, being seen, being, you know, coming out.

ke them back when I was done.[:

And I finally realized that I don't want those back. If you would please dispose of them for me.

Laura: Yeah. Oh

Laurin: fears as I used to, but every now and then there's that, you know, fear of judgment, or can I do this? Or am I worthy all those things that we all battle with? And so every now and then I'll say, Golden Eagle woman, would you please come in and hold this fear for me?

And I don't want it back.

Laura: goodness. That's wonderful.

Laurin: it's amazing. It really is amazing how, how simple that is, but I had to ask, right? That's, that's the big key with your guides.

Laura: Yup.

Laurin: need to ask for what you need

Laura: Right.

Laurin: they can help. And it doesn't have to be a big thing. It can be little things. And I, I love that my, my two, my two examples that I give a lot when I'm talking about this.

n a town that's not that bad [:

Laura: Are they like left like their yields?

Laurin: Yeah, yeah.

Or there's something, you know, it's super busy and there's nobody knows what who goes first. And I asked for please hold that light for me. You know, and that works most of the time it doesn't is like, okay, I wasn't supposed to make that one. But the one I love the most is there is an angel that was working with a friend of mine as my friend was doing a renovation in her kitchen. And this angel had appeared to her in meditation and told her her name was surreal and that she was there to assist with the renovation work. And just, you know, she could help make the way easy and stuff. She could find things for my friend. If she was looking for the right sink or this, she could, she could go find it.

r you. So I was like, great. [:

I was, my husband and I were going to go hiking. It was a trip. And I knew I needed a couple of new pairs of hiking pants and I knew what I wanted, but I just couldn't find them. And I said, Surreal, here's what I want. I need this. I want this kind of thing, kind of lightweight, but long. So, you know, I laid it all out.

Don't care what the color is this size. When you find it, let me know. And about two days later, I'm sitting in the kitchen, eating lunch. And I get this, I have to go shopping. I am not a shopper, but I had to go shopping. I knew exactly where I had to go, what store it was and the back left corner that, that my pants were going to be there.

s a sale rack and it had two [:

Laura: Oh, I just got chills. Yeah. Yeah.

Laurin: So I shared that with another friend of mine, who's a, I met through podcasting because she was saying, I was telling her that story and she said, Oh, I need that too.

I said, well, you can borrow Surreal. She'd be happy to work with you. I got an email from her two days later. She said it worked. you don't have to ask for big things. You can, but little things too. They want to help us. They just are, they're, they're like bored if we're not asking them to help.

Laura: They're just waiting around. That's what I like to share, too. I'm like, yeah, we have guides for, like, the emotional stuff, but also for the physical stuff. You know, like, if you're in school or if you're doing a renovation, I love that. You know, we may think that, oh, that's not worthy of divine intervention, but.

It is, especially if it's stressful. Yeah. Okay. I'm going to borrow Sorrel.

Laurin: Yes, do do. I highly recommend her. She's an awesome shopper.

an. It sounds like she could [:

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. But I, I love, I love bringing this sort of mundane ideas in because for 1 thing for me, I needed a lot of validation in the beginning. That, you know, is this real, you know, are these guides real? Or am I just making this up? Because I have a great imagination. But so I love, I love when you can get that, that, you know, validation and that's where, like, you were talking about the Mary thing, the synchronicities, you know, it's like,

Laura: Yeah.

Laurin: need to pay attention to that.

Laura: Yeah. Well, and I think what helped with your story too is the follow through, right? Like you got the hit, the nudge, I got to go shopping, I need to go to the back of the store and following through. And that just really helped to validate and solidify that, okay, it does work to ask my guides no matter how little.

, asking for help from, from [:

It may not work. What do you think about, about asking more than once? For help.

Laurin: I, I

Laura: like we're on my podcast now.

Laurin: It's okay. That's an interesting question because I'm trying to think if I, if I do that or not, I tend these days, I tend to just ask once and then I'm patient and, but I don't think it hurts to ask again. It's, I mean, it's not like you're going to irritate your spirit guides. They'll ignore you if you need to be ignored, you know,

Laura: Right.

Laurin: You may even get, you know, like a, a sign or, or some, some notification.

d it's taken weeks or months [:

And I'll make sure I know where to go and get it, you know, or drop it on my front porch if necessary.

Laura: Yeah. Right. Yeah.

Laurin: yeah, so, yeah, so I don't, I don't think it harms anything, but I don't think it's necessary. It's not like. Those of us who get distracted and if I don't write it down and put the note right where I'm going to see it in the morning, I'll forget.

No, you just need to ask once and then, and then yeah, you can, if you're the kind you need to ask again, do it, but it's not going to make it happen any faster.

Laura: That's true.

Laurin: Yeah. It's going to happen when it's supposed to happen. And, and that's, that's something I've really learned to embrace is that divine right timing is I call it, I say divine right timing is my favorite time zone, DRT.

Laura: Yeah.

in divine right timing, then [:

Laura: Yeah. Yeah.

Laurin: trust that, but but it really does work that way. And sometimes things don't happen because they're not supposed to happen. You know, if I asked for a Maserati, you know, that maybe I don't I don't need a Maserati.

Maybe there's a better car coming. I don't know.

Laura: Right. Right. Exactly. Exactly.

Laurin: So, yeah, so there's a lot of trust. I like the validation, especially in the early days.

Laura: Yes,

Laurin: Because I needed it. I needed that to remind myself that that it was real.

profound, you still get the [:

So I, I agree with that. I, I had a lot of profound moments at the beginning to now where you're just, you just trust it.

Laurin: I had a whole year where I, I wanted to be on this journey, but I couldn't hold the vibration on my own. If I was around other people that were high vibe I, I could, I would rise to it and it'd be great. I feel great. And then I go home and I'd be depressed because I couldn't hold it on my own yet, because I didn't trust that what I had experienced with those other people was real.

Laura: Oh, interesting.

ing my experience. And I got [:

They're all over the place.

Laura: Oh, I love that.

Laurin: Yeah. And it was very validating. And that's what I needed. I needed that constant reminder. And I mean, I walk places where I find goose, you know, feathers all the time around a pond that we walk at, but I found hawk feathers in odd places. I found, you know, people who had a feather tattoo on, I walked out of a restaurant one day and there was a little tiny white feather that walked right, literally right down in front of my face, nothing in the sky.

Laura: That's happened to me before

Laurin: Yeah,

Laura: with the feather. Yeah.

Laurin: so it's, you know, something like that where, you know, people ask for pennies or whatever. I needed that validation constantly. And at the end of that year, I went, okay, I got it.

osh. I love him to bits. And [:

They'll give it to him in threes. So what, what just funny cause even to this day he'll still do it, but but yeah, no, the signs are great. Oh,

Laurin: really are. They really are. It's I got, I get a lot of signs in my emails from Amazon because I'm a bookaholic. And so I'll get, you know, something will pop up and it's like, that's exactly what I need right now. You know, and, and I know that my guides have they gone. She looks at that every morning.

So let's let's pop a book in there that will get her the message. She needs to get, you know,

Laura: you go.

ve asked for something. Now, [:

Laura: And of course, it's when you're not thinking about it, that it shows up,

Laurin: exactly.

Exactly. Exactly. But then you get that. Oh, there it is.

Laura: that's, and that's, what's great too about it. It's like even if you're not thinking about it, as soon as you see it and you're just like, that's the sign, that's how, you know, it's a sign, right. Versus, oh, but is it? Yeah.

Laurin: no, you know, you know, that would, that's for me.

Laura: yes, exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.

Laurin: So clearly we have a lot of the same kinds of experiences and the joy. I mean, just the joy that we both are showing and, and experiencing right now talking about it. It's fun. It's fun to be in communication with your guides and to know that they're there and they're watching over you and they're, you know, they're going to help you ease your way through this life.

If you ask them to help you, it's, it's,

just hearing your stories is [:

Laurin: I know

Laura: Yeah.

Laurin: it's it's, it's that, that, you know, your stories and my stories line up really nicely to validate for each other. I'm a big fan of validation. I use my pendulum all the time. Still. I'll ask a question of my guides and I get an answer and I'll pick up the pendulum to double check. And then often lately, especially I hear you don't need that pendulum

Laura: They're so patient with you up until now. I feel like she goes

Laurin: and I also want to highlight, they have a sense of humor. They're not like these serious, you know, archangel, there are some of them are archangels, but they're not serious. They're, they want to have fun with you. They want to, they want to bring joy.

ace maybe they don't stay on [:

Who's the opposite of that for them, you know, keeps them on task maybe a little bit more. Yeah, a little bit more serious to, to. Get what needs to get done.

Laurin: Yeah.

Laura: but it just depends. Everyone's so different. Just

Laurin: Yeah. And, and yeah, and there's so many guides out there. You don't, you don't just get one, you get a bunch of them, you know. And like you said, some of them will come and go. I know that I had some guides when I was still writing novels when, when I started on this journey of exploring with guides.

And I had, I realized in hindsight that I was channeling a lot of the books that I was writing at that time. And I had guides to help me do that. When I stopped writing the novels, they said, Oh, okay, we're going to go help another writer now. I didn't know that's what they were going to do. It's like, where did that group go?

Laura: It all makes sense. Yeah. It really does. And if you decide to. Right. Again, they'll be back.

Laurin: Yep. Yes. Yeah.

Laura: I love it.

Laurin: All [:

Laura: You know, I, I, I do one more thing here. Cause I do know that some people, I, I feel like that, you know, some people say that guides can't be past loved ones. Some people say that they, they, you know, my mom's my guide, that sort of thing. And I just want to say it's all semantics, right? So, you know, if somebody feels that their mom who passed.

During their lifetime. Is there guiding them then? And she's a spirit. Then? Yeah, she's a spirit guide, you know, again, it's just semantics. Right? So I, I don't, I don't think anybody should feel that their experiences are not correct or that it's not how it's supposed to be. Cause there is no, like I said, spirit world.

tell you that it isn't. So I [:

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. And like you said, a lot of it is semantics. People have words that they use and they mean it in a very particular way. It doesn't have to be interpreted that way. So, I totally agree with you. Yeah. All right. So where can people find you?

Laura: yes. So I do have my link tree link that just has links to everything in one place. But I am on Instagram and I'm on Facebook mostly. I do have a TikTok account as well. Like I said, all of that's in my link tree link for the, for the listener.

Laurin: And that'll be in the show notes. Tell us a little bit about your book.

Laura: Ah, yes. My book called Guided. Well I, I was intuitively nudged by spirit to write this book.

nny because I, I had no true [:

Let's write this book. And as soon as I said, okay, let's do it. I couldn't wait to get started and that motivation was not there before. So I couldn't wait to get started, but then I, you know, I'm sitting there in front of my laptop. I've got the word document open and I'm like, okay, now what, what do I write?

book called guided, and it's [:

So for instance, what I've learned about crystals, I share what crystals should you start with? Which ones are good for protection? This is what I've learned because there's so many crystals out there for so many different things. I talk about protection. Then I talk about guides and soul teams. I like to say soul teams to sort of incorporate.

any entity on the other side. And I really like the word soul team too, so that people aren't like, well, who do I connect with my spirit guides, angels, just let them figure out who needs to come to help you with what. So anyway so I talk about, you know, meditation, like the ego and my mediumship experiences to.

ike by all by any means. But [:

Or if it happened differently for you, that's great. That's how it was meant to be. So a lot of it is just about. My journey early on and you know, my different tidbits of advice as well. But a lot of like my profound spiritual experiences are in that book to include like a dream visitation I had from Jesus, which was mind blowing.

And then meeting some of my guides, meeting Jason how I learned in retrospect. That I did have mediumship abilities and what that looked like for me throughout my life till now. So all that good stuff's in there.

Laurin: Good. I have it on my Kindle. I haven't read it yet, but I,

Laura: Oh, wonderful. Yay. Thank you.

Laurin: on vacation soon. So I think that's probably the one that I'll, I'll be reading

Laura: Oh, I hope you enjoy it.

ill. I'm sure I will. I'm so [:

Tessa has sent me a number of really good guests. So I always appreciate and want to make a shout out for her. She's got a great podcast too these days. So don't find that yeah, I think, I think we have come to the end. And I want to thank the listeners for being here. I hope you learned something and I hope you maybe, you know, found out that guides can be fun.

Laura: Oh yes.

Laurin: And they can help us with things that are, that are simple, everyday muggle kinds of things. And they can help us with emotional, spiritual things and everything in between. And there is no right answer. There's no, or no, I wouldn't, that's not what I want to say. There's no right way. To work with guides, but you do have to ask. You always have to ask.

Laura: There you

Laurin: All right. Well, thanks for being here with me. I have really enjoyed this conversation.

Laura: Thank you so much for having me. I did as well. So thank you so much.

ht. Goodbye, everybody. Stay [:

Thank you so much for joining us today on Curiously Wise. I hope this conversation has left you feeling inspired and curious about the world around and within you. After all, curiosity is the key to growth and understanding. So keep asking questions and exploring new ideas. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider subscribing and or leaving a review.

It helps us be found by others. If you're curious to learn more about me or my healing practice, heartlight wellness, head over to my website at heartlightjoy. com. Until next time, I'm Laurin Wittig. Stay curious.

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