Episode 95

The Power of Grounding, Healing, and Humor in Our Spiritual Journey with Birgitta Visser

The Power of Grounding, Healing, and Humor in Our Spiritual Journey with Birgitta Visser

In this episode we get curious about:

  • The importance of grounding techniques
  • Embracing humor and gratitude in life
  • Channeling spiritual guides for healing and guidance
  • Overcoming trauma and finding inner strength
  • Birgitta's books and her journey as an author
  • Insights into meditation and breathwork from Birgitta's experiences in India

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Interview Episode with Birgitta Visser

Birgitta: [:

We listen to the opinions of others and what they think about, what they think about us, but it isn't about them. It's about you and how you feel about yourself and everything you seek is already inside of you.

t a little bit, and I'm just [:

And then we will bring Brigitte into the conversation. So Brigitte is the author of Becoming Authentically Me and a co author of the collaboration book Become Empowered. She is a modern day mystic guiding others on a journey of self discovery and empowerment. As a soul empowerment coach and divine channel, she tunes into higher frequencies, delivering messages from the many light beings and master teachers.

With her gift for light language healing, she weaves light codes that activate transformation in those seeking alignment with their soul's purpose. And you guys know who, if you've been listening, that I'm really, really interested in transformation and empowerment, particularly for women, but for everybody too.

Welcome Birgitta. It's so nice to have you here.

Birgitta: Hi, Laurin. Thank you so much for having me on your show.

Laurin: Yeah. So Brigitte [:

And I find with a lot of. People that I work with, they don't really trust their intuition. So first of all, how , would you define intuition? . And then how, how have you come to trust it?

Birgitta: Remember, I'm human too. But I call intuition my inner compass north.

Laurin: Mm,

ke the way that they put it. [:

Laurin: I know. I do that sometimes too.

Birgitta: center of your soul.

So the seat of your soul, that's your intuition. So that's, you know, you are in the driver's seat. You control the direction. First, you must learn to alchemize your experiences to heal and walk through that darkness in order to understand your intuition, your inner compass north.

Laurin: Mm. Okay. So then how do people, how can people, because I know you work with a lot of clients too, how can they learn to, to first of all, to hear it and then to trust it? . Mm-Hmm.

d that we have deviated from [:

It's all about shifting our mindset and trust me, I mean, honestly, I've been a donkey heaven knows how many times because I used to suffer from donkey syndrome. It's okay. I really had to, for me, it was all about learning to dig really deep and seeking the answers within. Yeah. Of course I did a lot of I went to quite a few healers.

You get so much more clarity [:

We listen to the opinions of others and what they think about, what they think about us, but it isn't about them. It's about you and how you feel about yourself and everything you seek is already inside of you.

I learn who I really want to [:

And it's like, no, cause it's, it's like an onion. You know how that is. You got to peel away the layers. And now it's the little silly, stupid things that are like, why'd that happen to me? Wait a minute. What's in it for me? Which is a question that I have really learned to ask what's in this for me, because it does shift my, my mind.

From being the victim to being, Oh, wait, there's something good here. There's a nugget of wisdom, a nugget of resilience and nugget of just knowledge about myself often. And I find that that is so it's so empowering to get out of that damn victim mode. Yeah.

thing I also had to learn is [:

Take accountability for how you feel, because you're the only one that can change your life. You're the only one that can turn your life around. There's not some fairy godmother waiting there, you [00:08:00] know waving, waving her magic wand, making all the pain go away. It doesn't work that way, because you're How would you ever learn?

How would you ever walk through the darkness of these experiences and how would you ever understand heal and just shift that mindset?

Laurin: Yeah. It's because we, we do tend to avoid pain, whether it's physical pain or emotional pain. And it, it, it doesn't help anything to avoid it. You got to go through it. I found, you know, and don't get stuck in it, but walk through it, understand it, accept it, and then go, okay, what's in, what's in for me, because there's something here that I needed to receive.

rney that we avoid as humans [:

Birgitta: yes,

Laurin: you gotta have the courage to, to do it.

And that's where people like you and I come in to, to help facilitate the process and help to, not to keep you from having to go through it, but to ease the way or to lead the way for them. And I suspect that you'd find that. Yeah.

Birgitta: Yes. But I always say this, Laurin, I'm just a tool in the toolbox. At the end of the day, people are their own greatest healers,

Laurin: Yes.

Birgitta: so we just lead them. We just, we just help them. We're the aid. And then once they're ready, you know, we let them go.

ting things for them so that [:

And it's something that I do feel like a tool myself. It's like, I'm a facilitator of the process. I'm not doing the process. I'm a facilitator of the process.

Birgitta: Yes. There's something funny that you just reminded me of. So years ago I channeled the Brethren of Light, as they call themselves. There's so many councils. And they taught, they gave me the word transferlumination. So transformation and illumination combined in one.

Laurin: Ooh, I like that.

Birgitta: Yes.

Laurin: I'm writing that one down. Transferlumination.

Birgitta: Yes.

d energy work. I helped them [:

Birgitta: I'm sure it's fine.

Laurin: So, so one of the questions that you had you know, offered as conversation starters was what fuels our inner fire? So talk a little bit about, about that process or that, what, what you mean by

Birgitta: our inner fire? Well, that's a broad question,

Laurin: I know. So take it where you want to. Mm hmm. Mm

I mean, we follow, how do I [:

It's whatever, it's whatever you are drawn to and never let people tell you otherwise. I mean, I was always a little how do I put it? Little standalone, little loner, I was a bit of a quirky kid, a weirdo, tall and lanky, so I never really fit in and that was really, really hard for me. It took me many years to figure out what really what really you know, sparked my interest and really got me going.

and what you love doing. For [:

For some people it comes later, but it doesn't matter. It's your journey, it's your road, it's your pathway.

Laurin: Yeah. And I know for me, I have to give myself permission not to expect it to be a straight line because I, I'm like, okay, I'm here and I want to go there. That's what I'm really passionate about. So I'm just going to never happens that way. It never happens that way. And there's always these detours, these things I need to learn, these people I need to meet, these places I need to go, these things I need to learn about myself.

And so it's never, ever been a straight line for me when I go, Oh, there's that's, that's my new passion. That's the other thing for me is I have to allow myself to let go of one passion when I get sparked by another one. Cause it's. Yeah, it is. But it's when you've been working hard towards one goal and you get it and you go, as I did, well, that was great.

with that. What's next? The [:

Birgitta: And that's okay.

Laurin: yeah, yeah, it's, I think it's something our maybe not my generation, but the generation before me, my parents generation was like, you got a job and that's what you did your whole life.

You know, you didn't do this bouncing around that we do now. I think it's very freeing the bouncing around that's happening now because you do get to try lots of new things and see what you like and what you don't like, what you'll put up with and what you won't put up with. And I just would encourage the listeners to honor that, that in that intuition that Oh, I'm done with this now.

Ooh, that looks really cool. Let me go check that out and, and just honor the intuition that it's not going to lead you astray. It may lead you away, but not astray. I

Birgitta: Yeah. And that's why I work a lot with the Ascended Master St. Germain. I love him

Laurin: love St. Germain.

such a wicked sense of humor [:

There are so many more flavors and dishes for you to try, so why not try them?

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. I love that. He's an amazing healing energy too. It's just. Wonderful. With his

Birgitta: Yes, yes, yes, he is. I am a being a violet firearm. The purity God desires.

Laurin: Mm hmm. Yeah. It's very powerful. He, I work with him fairly often, actually, so he'll come in and assist. All right. So that was, that was a lovely answer to that really broad question, but it was your question. So, you know,

s writing, inspiring people, [:

been created a certain way, designed a certain way, that we've become so lost. Even though I'm saying that, many people are awakening now, which is beautiful to see.

Laurin: It is. It is. And I think that's why there's so many healers coming around now because we need that to help this

Birgitta: Yes,

ething that works for you is [:

Birgitta: yes it does.

Laurin: and you can hold that state, that higher state of vibration with greater ease.

And so every time you shed another layer of that hidden emotion, those traumas, the victimhood, whatever, you rise higher and higher and higher. And let me tell you, having been on quite the healing journey myself, it's awesome. When you start feeling yourself rising into these higher and frankly, for me, they're happier places.

I just feel light and joyful. And not that I don't have those days, like we all do that, you know, where things are not going Easy. And, you know, or the dog is driving me crazy cause it's in and out and in and out and in and out, whatever. But it's just, it's so much such an easier place to live when you can lift yourself up to those higher vibrations you'll find more joy.

'll find more health. You'll [:

Birgitta: yeah. I think it becomes, you know, once you start on your healing journey and you still get these crappy experiences, trust me, I still have them. I've had some really rotten ones last year. But these are just challenges and I, I mean, , I call them the stepping stones to, to wisdom and healing and understanding the cog wheels of life really. And when you go through another crappy experience, whatever that may be, for me, it was like bullying in the workplace, which has run like a red thread throughout my corporate career. And at some stage I will leave my corporate career but I cannot live off air right now. It's, I understood it. It took me a couple of days rather than staying in that still made state [00:19:00] of, you know what, it's not fair. This is not fair. And just rising above it, even though it, you know, sometimes it's still a thorn in my side when people get like that, but I just think, you know what, I guess. My light hurts their demons, and I'm just very efficient when it comes to work.

I'm very, very organized and I'm quick. So, but you know, it's okay. It doesn't matter. We all vibrate a different level of consciousness and it's called rising above it.

Laurin: Yeah. And I'm just in that, that scenario that you just described. you're, you're exposing something in the other person to them

Birgitta: Correct?

me people notice that that's [:

But. Your, your light, I, this is what I'm getting now is your, your light and your vibration is at a high enough level that you can weather that storm with, with greater ease than most people can. So you, you're serving as a beautiful catalyst in the moment for that person, even though it's an icky place to put yourself, but you can, like you said, you can rise above it more quickly than most people would be able to.

hey, oh, I'm being triggered.[:

Thank you. That's what Saint Germain always says. Take a deep bow in gratitude and just thank them rather than, you know, slipping the finger or being angry, being bitter.

Laurin: Yep. Carrying it around. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's and that's not something we're, especially in the U S we're not socialized to do that. You gotta be right. You gotta be right. You know, you can't be wrong. You can't be, it's like, so there's, there's this, this, Really icky energy that we have, I don't know, created that we brought around us.

I feel like we're kind of cloaked in it, smothered in it now of there's only yes and no. There's only right and wrong. There's not, there's no compromise. There's no balance point. And we are so trained to always be right that it, it, it doesn't allow for that balance to create, be created.

rgitta: Can I, so now you're [:

Let's change your name. Yeah.

Laurin: I am race. Huh? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Birgitta: America are the forefront runners of the new golden age. And that is what's called the I. AM. race. That's why everything is going to pot right now.

Laurin: Yes, I am. This is the I am race.

Birgitta: Mm hmm.

e a hard time pulling myself [:

And look at all this, the civics I'm learning by listening to so many lawyers talking about things. I know better how this country works and where it [00:24:00] doesn't work. And it's allowing me to be grateful for the chaos, which is not an easy thing to be. Because it's, it can be quite scary though, the potential outcomes, but I trust it's all going to work out the way it's supposed to work out.

And I know that the Western, Western women particularly are supposed to be leading this, this awakening this rising vibration. And so I just, I just have to allow myself to, to indulge myself a little bit because it's just sort of baked in my blood, but also to honor and celebrate What we're learning because of the shit show that's going on in this country right now.

Birgitta: Absolutely.

Laurin: Yeah. So it's I don't know where I got from, where I came from for that with that, but there we go. Yeah.

Birgitta: but it's also, if you want to make the world a better place, it starts with you.

Laurin: Right. So

Birgitta: And that's how you [:

I mean, I get my information from, from up there. I, I mean, I know I'm, I'm exactly where I need to be right now. And that's, that's just the truth of the matter.

We are exactly where we are meant to be right now. And if you get a nudge to move, then follow that nudge. And again, that's the intuition. If you get a nudge, you follow the signs. Because trust me, your guides are signposting everywhere. It's just that we often walk around with blinkers and they cheer you on from the sidelines, you know, and they keep cheering you on and you're just ignoring them because you can't see them.

use it's one of my passions. [:

Birgitta: So even when I was a little kid, I had this really funny story. I had this teacher with me. He had like this really like, what do you call it? Like a, like a flower pot, flower pot haircut. And he, and she had these glasses on, but it was really weird because it was like, I was attached to like a silver cord and she used to always talk to me.

over on my record player in [:

Laurin: this.

Birgitta: It was what's the song called? Was it John Evan Esk? Somehow I'll find my Way home.

Laurin: Oh

Birgitta: And I kept listening to that song over and over again. I could never get bored of it.

Laurin: Huh, I'm gonna have to go look that one up.

Birgitta: yeah, I was, you know, I was still a little kid, but as I got older, I went through a lot, a lot, a lot of trauma. You know, I was bullied in high school. I was super skinny cause I threw my food out. I was a pro at starving myself.

Laurin: Oh


Rolled into this, you know, [00:28:00] yeah, relationships or toxic relationships, but I asked for this. Because that's exactly what I find out. But then I, I think, you know, when I signed my, my soul contract up there before incarnating, I must've been off my rocker. Because I signed up for, I repeat, for trauma.

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. I, I often say we, we don't remember when we're in pure spirit form, how hard it is to be in human form. Because I think we really do. I know I have signed up for way more than I should have. Now I have learned all, you know, I have learned so much and it's been very powerful lessons. And I say, thank you.

Thank you for that. I don't want to do that again.

o, no, but so they fixed me. [:

And I had to go through a lot of audit trauma for that in order to be, in order to go to a workshop It was really funny at that time because I was in Florida and I had just come out of a very dysfunctional relationship. The guy would not relent, would not leave me alone. And I had to pay his bills. I had to get him food.

He was depressed. He had a reckless and he just was living under the radar. I had to try and find him a job and I was working seven days a week. And I sold my home to get away from him, bought another place, which was a money pit anyway, and made a loss on it, but you know, hey ho, I just wanted to prove that.

I [:

Bumbling around the world, just working wherever I went. But that in itself, that in itself is the school of life. And that carries far more weight than just going to college. Or just school in itself. You know, in Atlantean times, was different. People became apprentices or they were schooled according to what they would become.

, you know yeah, that's what [:

Germain and Archangel Michael my guides, yeah, I mean, there's family around me. My dad is, is there. He does a lot of work on the other side. And. Yeah, but I work a lot with these, and like, like Archangel Michael as well, so when I have to go and do the work up there he just grabs me, and it's, I can't, I can't even explain that to you.

, because there's so many of [:

Laurin: Yeah,

Birgitta: Ever changing as we evolve, and that's the beauty, that's the beauty of it. And recently I was working with the Indian deity Hanuman, he works very closely with Archangel Michael.

Sometimes I feel that they are of the same aspect. It's like when you have the Ascended Master Saint Germain. Right. He was Merlin. And so Merlin is an aspect of the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the beauty about Merlin is, yeah, amazing. He was an alchemist. That's great. Right. He was often drunk off his face. People don't realize that. I mean, he was Columbus. And Columbus was a murderous villain.

Laurin: sort [:

Birgitta: we've lived good and bad. We've lived on the flight. And so, so, so have I. So have I. So, yes. But, yeah, it's great to just connect with them. And, you know, get there. And anybody can connect with them. It's not like just you and I. But if you really just sit, connect with them, And take a couple of deep breaths in, and just sit with your notepad and a pen and just say, say to the universe and say to you guys, you know, I'm ready to proceed. And people say, yeah, but how, but my mind, you know, my mind, how do I know it's not me that's writing it? Because you put your mind aside. So it's like, if I give you a word. Divine. Just write whatever you get. Don't even think about it. Or get a card, and if you get [00:34:00] whichever archangel with it, whichever deity, whichever ascended master, just ask them if they have a message to convey to you.

Yeah, don't Google it, just ask them, and it will come. And you've got to practice.

Laurin: that's how I first started connecting with them is because I think partly because of being a writer, I can, I can write. and allow, I would allow stories or characters to come through me. But I did, I started with, you know, I, I'm here. What would you like me to know? And then I

Birgitta: Yes.

Laurin: wrote what came and I just did it for a couple of minutes, not very long.

But when I, what I love about the writing aspect of that is that when you are done receiving, you can look at it and I guarantee you that the answer will not sound like you.

Birgitta: Correct.

ts own rhythm, its own mind. [:

I love the metaphors I get because they're never what I would have thought of.

And that's also where you go, wow, that's awesome. I never would have thought of that. But I find it so valuable because you can, you can look at it and see that that answer did not come from you. It came through you, but it did not come from you.

ecause he, he poisoned me in [:

And that's why in this lifetime, when I met him, I suffered from immense stomach issues. I was skin over bones, couldn't hold anything in. And that was because he poisoned me and that was something she didn't know. It was very, very interesting. It was in the Middle Ages and he just wanted to climb the social ladder.

He was a charlatan. So under the guise of saying, you know, he would take care of me, he poisoned me over to death. You know, the course of several months. But that was that lifetime. And but I, I, it was interesting because in this course everyone was sitting in a circle and I was just sitting on the side and on a pillow and we did the meditation and she counted from 1, 2, 3 I was gone and then she counted back from 3, 2, 1, half an hour later and I was back and everybody got these messages and they saw their guides and colors.

eally upset. And that's when [:

Old English.

Laurin: hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

Birgitta: And so I was, I was like, Oh my God, I'm really good at something. You know, I, I taught Reiki and I did a lot of other courses, but it's just something that blew me away. And I've never.

Laurin: I got so fascinated by it that for a long time, I would spend up to an hour in the morning asking questions and getting answers. And I got to where I finally did it on my computer because I can type faster than I can write.

Birgitta: yes,

Laurin: always read my own handwriting.

that for a year, year and a [:

And I know not everybody has that time. And I was fortunate at that moment to have the time to do that. It's been probably a decade now or more. But that really jumpstarted me onto the path that I I'm on now, this of my own healing. But then also in helping other people to, to on their journey to that, to healing.

And it was, it's fascinating and I still go back to it now and then and just to say, okay, what do you want me to know today? You know, or I'm this morning I did it. I was trying to figure out some, some clarity, which you, you mentioned in our intention earlier before we started recording some clarity around where I want to really focus my business because I'm not a natural entrepreneur.

p me with this. And suddenly [:

When I get done with this meditation, I'm going to write it down. And and I was, I don't think it's the final product, but boy, it was not something I had been able to, just the wording of it was not something I had been able to come up with. So I still use it in a more specific way now than just generally, what do you want me to know?

Sometimes I'll say I'm having a problem with this. You know, help me understand or help guide me on this. And it's, it's powerful. It's super powerful. And then it's fun to go back later and look at it and go, that really happened, you know, or yes, that was the result I got. You can see the manifestation process if you have it written down too.

this mass blob of, you know, [:

there is all about envisioning that you have already reached your goal, envisioning that, and then taking the steps towards it, but it's also creating or, or. Making sure that you are grounded, and we're not always grounded because we are not, we are not present within our body, and we're, we're not present in the moment.

And so we're always looking to watch the future, or, you know, look back in the past. And.

Laurin: Not right here, right now.

Birgitta: Yeah. And so it's really about grounding ourselves. And when I say grounding, it's really envisioning that, that the roots coming out of your sounds funny, the roots coming out of your your root chakra, which is at the base of your spine, or just the beam of light and just curling that around the center of the earth.

going through all the layers [:

And it takes, what, like 15 seconds to envision that, but that's when you're really present within yourself and within the moment, and that's when you can start to create, and we often forget that.

Laurin: Yes.

Birgitta: I do too. I do too. Sometimes I do.

Laurin: I do too. I, I

Birgitta: I'm human.

Laurin: I teach people to ground themselves using a very, you know, that exact kind of thing. And then I forget to do it for myself. But what I have found over the years, because I have practiced it for so long is that when I find them not grounded, I can just like, I put my feet on the ground and then I just.

can reconnect and, and, you [:

Yeah. For those who aren't looking at this, I just set off the fireworks on zoom. I really like living at the higher vibrations. That was a nice little, little bit of, uh, serendipity there. So I, I do have that when I first started working with the healers, it was all about getting me back in my body and I'm better at staying in my body now, but I'm, it's not a perfect.

er with practice and, and it [:

Birgitta: Yes. Yes.

Laurin: So tell the readers about your books because you have one, one of them's coming out. Is it today? Okay. Or tomorrow.

Birgitta: one came out last week.

Laurin: Oh, last week. Okay.

the very end of the summer in:

I was told to sit down and write it. I just started a new job. I said, how do you expect me to do that? Not that problem, is it? If you come to do the work, you've got to do it. so it was many, many late nights and yeah, that book is like a big it's, it's in two parts. The first [00:44:00] part is really about the shift in consciousness and why, oh gosh, I go back to the Atlantean times, the Anunnaki I go back to even Lemuria, I touch on Lemuria, talk about the second world war, why it actually happened and what went on there.

Even though it's like a little piece of the puzzle and many people carry different pieces of the puzzle. I always say it doesn't matter, you know, what I've written in my book is not gospel. If it resonates with you, great. If not, then just leave it. Put it to the side, but yeah, so I wrote about the, the COVID governments and everything, and it wasn't me because it was all channeled.

These were questions that I asked and some of it was serious, but they, they have a, like I said, they all have a wicked sense of humor. And the Ascended Master Todd is a bit more serious, but Anubis is hilarious. He's quite into geometry and stuff like that. Yeah, so, and then I talk about the fact that there is no death.

It's very, I mean, we are [:

That period of grieving, because some people will grieve forever, and life, you know, life passes you by. And the second part of my book is very much about my life and all the trauma that I've overcome. So I talk about addiction, about depression, mental health. I talk about many of my past lives who I am, where I'm from because, you know, we're all starseeds.

it's, it's very much infused [:

Laurin: Yeah. Yeah. I do love the humor. That my guides bring to my life. It's it's cracks me up. You know, it's just, and usually it's, they, they come in with the, with the humor when I'm like grumpy, you know, or when I'm with a client who needs to be had their vibration lifted with laughter, you know, they'll come in with something funny that I pass along and then we're all giggling about it, you know, so it's it is, I know.

and learn. And he said, no, [:

He was just another, you know, representation of, of everything that is. That had some wisdom he could share with her, you know, that kind of thing. And it's, it is interesting to see or to learn and experience that they really aren't like, you know, the, the, you know, heavenly angels sitting up there, very solemn chanting or whatever.

No, they love laughter. They love anything that raises our vibration. They love to help us. We have to ask cause we have free will, but they, they are truly light As in not heavy beings and as well as being light as in glowing beings and they just bring lightness to everything. Yeah.

Jesus was an aspect of him. [:

It's in my book actually, but he, he, that was his last incarnation. But it's funny you mentioned that with Lord Sananda because, I mean, as Jesus Christ, people worshipped him. He didn't want to be worshipped. He just taught unconditional love and That was, that was the message. It's funny because Lord Shenandoah, two days ago, because, you know, I do a lot of work in the Austral Plains and sometimes I get up and I can't even get up.

I'm so tired. But I have to, because I have to, you know, start my earthly work. I was like in this state and I saw, You know, lots of numbers sitting on a bench and I'm like, I sit next to him and my head just went like this. I said, look, I'm really tired. So, yeah,

Laurin: It's, [:

Birgitta: No, there isn't. Absolutely

Laurin: try to apply a hierarchy, but there really is no hierarchy. It's all part of the same universal energy. So,

Birgitta: I totally agree with you. Totally agree with you.

Laurin: All right. I think this is a good place for us to stop.

I think that's a really lovely message to leave the listeners with. So let them know. Well, actually, let me ask you one more question. Cause I keep forgetting to do this, but is there anything that you wanted to bring forth or that your guides want you to bring forth that we haven't touched on yet?

Birgitta: Sorry, they're saying something really funny.

e funny side of life because [:

Look at it from the perspective. Of having gratitude in your heart for all that you are going through because it's not meant to taunt you. It's meant to elevate your awareness into understanding that there is so much more to life and that you are worthy and that you are a beautiful light of the divine.

nfinite beings of light that [:

Think not that you do not have purpose because you do. If you put your hand on your heart, feel your heartbeat. And it means that you are alive. and that indeed you do have purpose.

Laurin: lovely. Thank you for that message. That was awesome. That was, that was an even better way to wind up. All right. So let the listeners know where they can find you and and your books and anything else you want to share with them.

u can find me on my website, [:

Laurin: We have all those links in the, in the show notes as well. That makes it easy for people to find you. So, and, and remind us of the two books. That

at the Art of Living Center.[:

Yeah, I'm excited about that one too. That is not a big book. It's a normal sized book. And again it's, it's infused with many of the channeled messages of many of the Indian deities like Ganesh, Krishna Hanuman, just to, to name a few, and including the Ascended Master Saint Germain, of course, Archangel Michael.

But it talks about meditation, the advanced course, and the importance of breath because, oh my goodness, do we breathe properly? Oh, no, we don't. We shallow breathe. That's why we live so superficially on the surface. Of who we, who we believe ourselves to be, but who we are not, because we are so much more than we are allowed to believe.

f her books, there's a place [:

And so I just, you know, I love to support my, my authors and, and books in general. So I just wanted to like add that cause I don't think people Really understand what following an author is about. So, but that's, you'll get it. You'll get

Birgitta: Thank you.

Laurin: All right. Well, thank you Brigitte for being here with us.

I have really enjoyed this conversation and I've learned a lot from you and I've shared some laughs with you, which is always fun. And I hope that the the listeners have also enjoyed everything about this. It was just so, so jam packed full of wisdom and insights and channelings. So and it's, so it's, yeah, it's been a real treat for me today.

my listeners to stay curious [:

Thank you so much for joining us today on curiously wise, I hope this conversation has left you feeling inspired and curious about the world around and within you. After all curiosity is the key to growth and understanding. So keep asking questions and exploring new ideas. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider subscribing and or leaving a review. It helps us be found by others. If you're curious to learn more about me or my healing practice, Heartlight wellness.

Head over to my website HeartLightJoy.com. Until next time. I'm Laurin. Wittig stay curious.

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